Romney Outed By Romney-Tax Returns a Cometh!

    Mitt Romney does not deserve the nomination. He had all week to prepare for the inevitable questions about his tax returns. Even Gingrich’s “surprise”  release of his tax returns was telegraphed days ago. If Mitt could not prepare himself for this, do we really want him in the most important job in the world?

   He looked like a school boy telling a fib when he spoke about his “plans” to release his tax returns. He has only committed to release this years tax returns… a  pre-meditated, “sanitized” version. What progressive Repbublican, decades earlier released 12 years worth of tax returns? Warning voters to “beware” of someone “just” releasing one years worth of returns? George Romney, Mitt’s father.

  Ouch! Wham! ..Boom.! .Bang! ..Light’s out for Romney. In the next 36 hours prior to South Carolina’s Saturday primary, his father’s words and his amatuerish babbling will go viral. CNN, You tube, every news channel known to man and beast will make mince meat out of Mitt Romney. His melt down will be fodder for John Stewart,Colbert, Saturday night live, etc…he’s in a world of hurt.

 Romney’s 20 point lead in South Carolina vanished even before his disasterous debate performance. His biggest problem isn’t South Carolina, his real problem is what’s happening in Florida. His 25 point lead in Florida is up in smoke, although it will take a week to show up in polling. Romney’s ace in the hole has always been Florida…and Florida is his whore no more.

 Newt’s  deft handling of  John King and his maritial issues was impressive. Romney’s best opportunity to stem Newt’s momentum was turned back by a very crafty Gingrich.  Newt took a real lemon and turned it into way tasty lemonade! The only people happier than Newt Gingrich tonight is President Obama and the brain trust at Americans Elect 2012. Romney’s deceit and finessing of the tax return issue will make Gingrich The Republican nominee. How will you know the fat lady is about to sing? ..guess who’s tax returns will be made public ?

One comment on “Romney Outed By Romney-Tax Returns a Cometh!

  1. Trafalgartwin on said:

    "He had all week to prepare for the inevitable questions about his tax returns."

    That's actually generous. He ran in 2008 and has been preparing for this run ever since.

    It's mind boggling that he doesn't have 8 years minimum of 'cleaninsh' TR's for both himself and his wife, Ann.

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