Romney meltdown threatens Republican prospects in Congress….


               If only the Democrats could have a “clean their clock” electoral victory in November… American voters  might be able to burst open gridlock in Washington.  Recent polls show a vary significant change but not where you might think. Democrats and Republican were asked about their “motivation level ” to vote. For the last 2 years the Republicans were significant ahead, but for the first time there’s more motivation on the Democratic side… trends will continue..momentum  has shifted. Romney has simply made too many mistakes, and picked a tea-party, radical  vice-president. Not only is the great news for the president, but expect more . surprises in the more localized races from coast to coast.

    Montana’s polling normal would have the Republican up double digits. ..but Romney only leads by 5, nearly within the margin or error. The senate seat in the right leaning state has the Democratic senator leading the GOP. This type of trend is accelerating, and if Romney continues to stick his foot in his mouth .. continues  to expose his incompetence, watch many contests  nationwide to  reflect Democrats closing in expected right wing favored contests..and widening of their lead in expected Democratic wins.

   Gridlock has been the sickness that has created deadlock and disaster in stalling economic legislation and a more responsible look at entitlements. If Democrats end up with 55 senators and eek out a majority in the house…Obama may have a real chance  in getting things done in his second term. This development, which  was a hail mary 6 months ago… now a possible scenario..especially if Romney continues to implode.

   Another factor in the Republican fade is the Republicans unwholesome support of voter suppression. There’s no doubt what they have been up to ….voter fraud is .ooo4 of the overall vote…just Pennsylvania alone might have a million people disqualified from the vote. Voters get this, and my gut says there’s a backlash brewing.  Independents, Libertarians and many Republicans are  queasy of disenfranchising their fellow American from voting. The combination of extremsits running the tea party …coupled with the beleagured Romney as there standard bearer, sets the statge for a Democratic romp in November.

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