Romney fails leadership test…he may not be the Nominee….


        Just after the South Carolina primary when Romney got whipped by Newt…he trotted out his emergency, sanitized premeditated version of ‘tax returns’. His back was against the wall …He showed just a bit of leg…enough to quiet the masses…and Nutty Newt’s momentum stopped quickly.

    Seems Romeny’s has no back up plan left….he will not be releasing any further tax returns. If he was able to release his taxes returns, he would have already done so. Not only will the release of tax returns deny him the nomination…all signs point to possible legal jeopardy as well…one huge can of worms lies in those tax returns. Romney’s  arrogance usurped his best judgement,as he should NEVER HAVE  run for president if he was unwilling to pony up his tax returns…but it was his turn..and he had the cash to get it done……spoiled ,rich guys often get what they want.

  Now that it’s become obvious that its time to show or go…(20+ prominent Republicans are now on record asking for the release of the tax). Look for Romney’s upcoming selection of vice-president to foretell who will actually be caring the mantle for the GOP.  This choice will not be good news for Obama and his stalwarts, as the Republican hierarchy has already decided on their choice.

     Condoleezza Rice is an outstanding candidate…and well-qualified for the oval office. She is a social moderate, fiscal conservative and  hawkish.   She would receive warm approval world-wide…and set this 2012 presidential race on its head. The 90% support that Obama now enjoys from the African-American community will be nevermore. His edge with the female vote will be diminished..and the pro-life voters are not getting behind the POTUS anyway..

         “Bushies” will get their hand picked candidate after all. Thinking about January of this year when Henry Kissinger visited China. He assured the Chinese leadership that the Bush wing of the Republican party would rule the White House….never mind the media reports they were receiving. Romney’s tax troubles have been brewing…and there is no turning things around this time. Leave it to the clever Republicans…..a Rice/Rubio ticket sure would bring lots of minorities over to the Republicans. With the economy so weak and people struggling…smart money says with Romney out…you can make Condy Rice the unlikely but brilliant choice for the GOP.

5 comments on “Romney fails leadership test…he may not be the Nominee….

  1. Hoping your right…thinking this election will be unconventional…not in a good way.

  2. Cernan Sixtyeight on said:

    Those Foxnews Party supporters are so prejudiced against President Obama (thx 2 Fox) and so uninformed about Obama and his polices (again, thx 2 Fox), that they’d vote for Bozo the Clown in coma only because he’s not Obama.

    Right now, even Bozo the Clown in coma would be a better choice for the GOP nomination than Romney so, whoever the Foxnews Party ends up putting on the ticket this fall, the “foxlies” will vote for him or her . . . even if it is, indeed, Bozo. Hopefully, enough of the American electorate will turn off Fox and not vote for whichever Bozo the GOP puts on the ticket.

  3. Duke York on said:

    I agree; Rice would be an excellent rational choice for the GOP. Unfortunately, they at no longer a rational party. They’ll stick with Mitt, get shellacked, and convince themselves they’ll have to be even more extreme and go with a hard right Santorum in 16. IMHO.

  4. Respectfully disagree. It makes all the sense in the world. Romney’s not releasing..he won’t get nomination,
    Rice is the best and only sensible choice.

  5. Anthony Kennerson on said:


    First off..Condi Rice isn’t even going to get 10% of the Black vote. That vote is locked in for President Obama, if not someone further to the Left of him.

    Second….in case you forgot, the Tea Party and the Religious Right are the foundations of the modern Republican Party, and both of them see someone like Condi Rice as anathema to their pet causes. She is a non-starter, as is Jeb Bush.

    Mittenz may yet have to face the music on Bain and other matters, but unless Ron Paul has a hidden trick up his sleeve, or Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum are called in to pinch hit, I can’t see the GOTP switching horses in midstream. If anything changes, it will be Romney selecting a Bobby Jindal or even Sarah Palin to become the Spiro Agnew attack dog VP, and going all in on Birtherism, Wright/Ayers, and voter suppression to steal a victory.

    But, Condi Rice as an alternative to Romney for President?? I don’t think so.

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