Romney damaged goods…”presumptive” nominee in free fall…


                   If Mitt Romney is unable to release his tax returns …or more likely unwilling to risk revealing any information prior to his “presumptive” nomination …he is playing with fire. These questions are not going away, as the voters are unable to make a fair judgement about Romney without knowing his full story.

        If the tax returns were not toxic, they would have been released some time ago. Romney can’t release the tax returns now. He thinks he can withstand the  heat prior to the convention in August. At this point, he is betting the Republicans will nominate him despite the swirling questions about his taxes.

  Here’s Romney’s biggest problem. John McCain and the Republican establishment know what’s   contained in those returns… 23 years of tax returns were turned in to the McCain during the vetting process last time around…and McCain was more comfortable with a risky Sarah Palin vs. the cash rich seemingly logical choice in  Romney.

  Romney looks so suspicious, yet… he just doesn’t feel like he needs to answere questions. His arrogance is sickening …and he doesn’t deserve the Republican nomination.  Just wait until the new polling hits the streets next week after this disaster continues to  unfold. Obama is steadily moving ahead   in several polls.. firming up in several swing states. The pattern recognition is clear…momentum is set…this election is slipping away from Romney and the Republicans.

If Romney comes forward now, he doesnt get the nomination. If he continues to stonewall..he  believes he will likely hold on to the nomination. The wild card is not what will come out from the Democratic side..its what the neo-cons are sitting on that can be leaked to the public. Not for the POTUS benefit, just for the benefit of the right wing billionaire bunch. Do not be surprised if we have a compromised convention where Romney is unable to close it out on the first ballot. At that point, Republicans will look to either Jeb Bush or Condy Rice to save the day. Democrats shouldn’t rejoice at that prospect, either candidate will be much harder to defeat than Romney. Romney’s damaged goods, and an object in motion stays in motion..his star is in a a steady fade.

5 comments on “Romney damaged goods…”presumptive” nominee in free fall…

  1. Steve (@nza1) on said:

    Rice is one of the Bush-era war criminals. Some people in the US who lack a memory and a functional sense of right vs wrong might like her….but the rest of the world sees her as one of the “mushroom cloud” Bush Liars.

  2. Very true comment..but if Romney crashes anything could happen….Rice’s demo’s makes the GOP odd’s on favorite..

  3. bbwoof on said:

    Condi Rice has too much Bush baggage to be a viable GOP candidate. Bush left office with a 13% approval rating mostly b/c of the Iraq war. Rice was very deeply involved in all of Bush’s policies & the American people will not soon forget.

  4. Respectfully disagree. Rice is a powerful candidate..and wiTH this race up for graps, shes the only GOP THAT COULD DO WIN…

  5. Rodney Thomas Earl Dixon on said:

    There is no way #Rice or #Bush could come close to being a threat to POTUS Obama. Now that’s a fact. You reached far and I like you say things when the bourbon been my best friend for a few shots

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