Republicans face extinction? Is there a new politcal voice looming?


                  While the polls continue to show a tight presidential race…the raw truth is the Democrats are prohibitive favorites to score a victory November 6th. The senate will become more Democratic…as will the House of Representaives. Despite Citizen’s United and unfettered anonomous spending …middle class common sense will  prevail. The bungling ,billionaires tried to buy the election…but the American people weren’t in much a buying mood.

             Most Americans thought the civil war had ended sometime back around 1865. However a disturbing chunck of Americana still covets the confederate flag and ..probably succession too. The story of this election is how a major American presidential nominee can ignore racism under his noise..and not get called on the carpet for it. His tin ear and silence might as well being a ringing endorsement of this racist underbelly of American society . The few truly undecided voters left in this country are mostly  white folk…and the last ditch attempt to bring them over to the GOP is a wild frenzy, with no boundaries or rules. 

        When this years brand of TeaRepublcians loses badly in November,  Republicans and Independents,Libertarians and some Democrats… will  come to terms with the marginalization  of the Republican party. The TEAGOP has left much of this country isolated…not on board with the extreme right or the wild-eyed left.  The American middle has been left by both political parties…and 2012 will be the year that propels the RADICAL MIDDLE into a politically centrist party that can rule this country without gridlock or corporate domination.  Middlecrats may very well replace the Republicans…and the Democrats better watch out…a second term liberal overreach will fuel the radical center. Can America  really put the civil war behind us once and for all….and a sensible America front and center?

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