Republican women … to lead 3rd party charge!

        After struggling through  another Republican debate, I can’t help but think just how out of touch these candidates are. This political party is doing everything it can to make itself obsolete. To imagine in 2012 we are talking about birth control when our economy is in meltdown and our health care system is in shambles seems surreal. This party has turned it’s back on women of all political persuasions,opening the floodgates to rebellion.

     Women are the majority voting block, and women from the far right to the mid center are  upset with their presidential choices. Many women ( and men too) feel like they don’t have a candidate they can vote for. The voters are discontented, as we have seen 6 different “front runners” yin and yang from the Republican spotlight.The call is out for another voice to be heard…as Republicans sense no matter what candidate emerges from this field…they are destined for defeat.

  Don’t look now, but American Elect 2012 is poised to exploit female discontent  like a ravenous wolf.
  The popular ex-Governor Christine Todd Whitman is a front and center leader of American Elect 2012.
   Her and Jeb Bush are the “house” candidates of AE2012- the biggest,baddest super pac of them all.

   The road show is about to start for American Elect 2012, as they will become the talk of the town soon enough. The PR strategist’s over at the Webster group and Maverick Media are both brilliant and cunning. . Sometime just before or after super Tuesday,look for American Elect’s 2012 to publicly begin it’s assault on both President Obama and whoever slinks to the nomination from the Republicans.

      Despite not having a female candidate at the moment, things may change very quickly. Look for Christine Todd Whitman to become very public very soon. Her closest political ally is none other than Mr Jeb Bush. Look for one of these two “house” choices to become the 3rd party candidate for American Elect 2012. Maybe its’ not such a bad thing after all…  we could use some female sensibilities. Less talk about probing,and more talk about solving the Iranian situation without the boys playing with  nuclear weapons..






One comment on “Republican women … to lead 3rd party charge!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    As much as I would like to see a female the boys arent ready to let a girl in the treehouse and even more I don't think anyone is ready to swallow another Bush

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