Republican civil war in full swing…as the Democrats drone on!


                 As America recovers from Super bowl Sunday, one can’t help to wonder if the power  outage at America’s biggest showcase doesn’t foreshadow future power faliures . Republican political operative Karl Rove, leading pass collector of corporate funds, has declared civil war on his own peeps. Clever Karl knows full well that the tea sippers currently control the GOP…if left unimpeded, would forever relegate the Republican party to a national blackout on election day. Rove and his corporate knockers understand that they must defeat their  internal enemy…before they can put up a fight against the more liberal party. The big money guys are tired of losing, and they know the tea party’s reluctance to formulate any true immigration reform is the death-knell of the Republican party. With 70% of the Hispanic vote going against the GOP..and 90% + of the black vote…the GOP is on death watch.

        With the presidents approval numbers solid, and Hillary Clinton poised  to keep  the White house blue through 2020…the grandmasters of the grand old party know it’s now or never for the continuation of a competitive Republican party.  While moderates and Independents observe the goings on…many centrist have grave misgivings about the future direction of BOTH political dinosaurs. Democrats knows the GOP is weak, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Democrats are strong. They can’t get the votes for meaningful gun reform, as the assault weapons part of the legislation is already dead on arrival. Obama’s brandishing a weapon and tweeting out the picture to the world shows his willingness to appease the opposition.

     Troubling issues abound by the secretive Obama administration. Since 9/11..government had a  free hand to do what they feel the need to do to protect this country. But it’s a one way discussion, nobody is asking the American people.  Our American- made drones are flying a slippery slope..if the 2nd amendment people are worried, other beleivers  of the constitution should  be concerned. We’ve killed 4700 human beings via our secretive drone program..with no checks and balances. Surprisingly, many of those that have been “taken out” are American citizens. The technology is here…the goverment  can fly a bomb through “the target’s ”  patio door and wipe out an entire family. No arrests, no courts, no lawyers trying to figure things out…could this be  the future of law enforcement in America?

       America watches as the Republican launch a full scale civil insurrection against its own. The Democrats can’t find their budget, it’s late again. Were spending ourselves into an their a political party that could bridge the gaps…and offer America a political party that truly has middle class values? Disenchanted Republicans, Democrats,independents, the unaffiliated… and the inspired can certainly challenge these two troubled political parties. The radical middle needs to be represented..40% of the electorate is independent or center……..time to make ourselves heard. Middlecratic values, common sense and no corporate control is a dimension we are currently missing. Time for the radical middle to roar!

2 comments on “Republican civil war in full swing…as the Democrats drone on!

  1. Thank you!

  2. Anthony Gaston on said:

    The Republicon civil war was inevitable seeing that their party and policies are that from neanderthal ooze. I find it entertaining that they are busy fighting themselves and equally disturbing that Democrats are not taking this opportunity to become more progressive.

    This is a perfect time for Democrats to make a sharp progressive move as a way to move the political goal post. Your point about the Constitutionality of the use of drones on Americans is one that has an easy fix with incorporation of a judicial element that confirms legality of strikes.

    Great post and one that makes you think.

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