Rand Paul has something special going on…Will he be the GOP nominee in 2016?

Rand Paul has something special going on…. Will he be the Republican nominee in 2016?



By Ron on August 8, 2013


The American people have a very low opinion of Congress . . . and one man will harness that disdain to supercharge his presidential run.

Many don’t remember, but Ron Paul, (Rand’s father) put together a quite impressive, highly motivated group of supporters. No Republican candidate has ever had the advantage that Senator Paul has – as an organized network of grass roots support already exists. Add in his dedicated support of Tea party members, and his unusual mix of Libertarian views. You have yourself a candidate that’s set to dominate the Republican primary process.


With the opening primary in Iowa, Rand Paul will win it with lengths to spare. Chris Christe is a candidate that’s dead on arrival; he is blackballed by the right-wing. They will not embrace another moderate after the Romney debacle. Christie may be hot now, but he is peaking at the wrong time. He will not receive backing from the Republicans he needs to be a winner. Jeb Bush is another supposed front runner. However, the baggage he packs is so heavy that he will not be embraced by a political party desperate to gain control. The Hispanic contingent of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio may make some sense on paper; but their inexperience and lack of on the ground infrastructure will get rolled over by the Rand Paul machine, [already firmly in place]. Waiting in the wings, the Koch brothers and their political machine, (as reality presents itself), will gladly back a candidate that can win. Especially attractive is his agreement with many of the Koch’s combination of low tax views coupled with a Libertarian bent.


John McCain is too old, Condoleezza Rice suffers from the Bush hangover, and Rick Santorum’s best days are behind him. Senator Paul’s more dovish militaristic views will resonate with a public that’s just done trying to play policeman to the world; while watching our discarded military Veterans treated like second class citizens – swept under the rug after we’re done using them. Paul’s embracement of ending the current war on drugs, and a more critical view of America’s drone program will also resonate with the American people. The Kentucky Senator shall not only have hard right support, he will garner Independent support, Libertarian support and will benefit from Obama fatigue. It is palatable and growing

This is not an endorsement, and it’s highly unlikely this blogger would support Paul. On the other hand, if the Democrats continue to wander aimlessly towards economic recovery, [i.e.: malaise] and ineptness – even some traditional Democrats may hold their nose. Then, send a message to the status quo that an upstart candidate may be preferable to an extension of more Obama via Hilary Clinton. My futurist credentials are firmly on the line. With confidence I predict Rand Paul will be a formidable candidate for the Republicans in 2016. Democrats who dismiss him play into the hands of the right wing.

One comment on “Rand Paul has something special going on…Will he be the GOP nominee in 2016?

  1. We still have a long way to go, but a field loaded with 4 or 5 right wing nuts, could fracture the Tea Party vote and pave the way for another moderate.

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