Radical middle begins to roar! McWallica finally takes a punch!


                         As the radical middle becomes a more  cohesive political force…..watch for the McDonalds/Walmart/Bank of Am ( Mc-Wall-ica) to become more “center” friendly!  As time marches on, we will look to the John Birch founding offspring…The “Koch’s et all “ as the impetus for sanity in America…and the reason the old Republican party will cease to be a national force. The extremist elements will force the more sensible middle of the road  to the forefront ..one way or the other. ( Middlecrat’s stay tuned)

                President Obama has finally played the minimum wage card..patiently waiting for the best opportunity to make it happen. The split of the GOP will be hastened by the political ramifications of denying hard working Americans a well deserved adjustment in minimum pay. You will see the right-wing tea gaggers in full panic at the thought of more economic fairness  in America. You will see the hard left bitch and moan at the paltry size of the increase…and then you will find America’s center, engaged and empathetic for a more balanced society….willing to fully accept a $ 9.00 an hour minimum wage as fair.

             Knowledgeable moderates fully realize that without a solid center….the likelyhood of Democratic control of the Whitehouse through 2024 is quite high. America is poised to anoint Hillary Clinton as the first women president..and many will be proud to be part of that history. Smart money knows the tea party is yesterday news…and those who would like to compete for the Whitehouse better find a new way to mount a charge. Twelve more years of tax and spend beyond our means doesn’t sit well with Republicans..and plenty of independents and even Democrats know about fiscal responsibility..and the dangers that lurk .

        Watch for a new developments  ..as “Mc-Wall-ica” gives into reality and at the end of the day … will embrace a new minimum wage…although indexing is the big prize…not likely to happen in the spirit of “getting it done” . Big business wants big profit, but they also realize they can’t starve out the customers that pay for their country club privileges. Moderation will  replace tea as their beverage of choice. Corporations may be people too..as the supreme court says, but McWallica knows the people indeed have the real power…move over “Kochies”

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