Racial divide widens – Is the Civil war ever going to end?


                  The mainstream media is not going to stop the right-wing billionaires…(former and current slave owners) from their continued attempt to divide and conquer.  The amount of money flowing into media coffers  is unprecedented. Not much mention about Citizens United and the other “Super-Pacs” from the mainstream press…this “easy”money is a media moguls wet dream. So don’t expect true criticism of a Romney campaign …it’s just not smart business. Koch and Co…will be back in 2014 and 2016…and their greenbacks are expected and desired.

             These corporate titans  are still fighting the Civil war..almost 150 years later. Watch Tuesday night as the states go red and blue….and note that big swath of red called “the South” The early-voting catastrophe in Florida is a perfect example of what’s wrong. The Governor of one of the largest states is intentionally and willfully conspiring to suppress the vote. One early voting site in Dade county..one in Broward county? Sunday hours 2 days before the election….early voting was open from 1.00 pm to 400pm. What the hell?  Lines were wrapped around the block…on this most convenient day for voters before the election. Governor Scott and his corporate cronies are doing everything they can to dis-enfrancise the minority vote. With Hispanics voting for Obama almost 70% and the black vote 95%…every early voter they can deny is essentially a vote for Romney on election day.

       Will the America media accept their responsibility to inform the American voter of all the manipulation and evil deeds? Why haven’t we held Mitt Romney responsible for the racism that he has allowed and apparently embraced. Is the smell of money more powerful then the stench of racism?  Is it time to examine the relationship of the corporate titans with those that give us the “news”. The real story of the 2012 election is just too disturbing…….will we ever put the civil war behind us?

One comment on “Racial divide widens – Is the Civil war ever going to end?

  1. ItheMissingLink on said:

    The Civil war of which you speak will only be resolved genetically; while racism may be a learned lifestyle choice, the predilection to externalize it is in the genes.

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