Questions The Mainstream News Media Is Not Allowed To Ask…#MH370


There are rules you know when the “free” press engages in a national  press conference with the President of the United States. The Mainstream News Media is fully owned by  the NWCA(New World Corporate Alliance) . The people and entities that own the government also own the media.

      There are never any questions asked about the NSA National Security Agency…

You are not allowed to ask about area 51, Aliens or UFO’s...

You think we have a free press here in America?…NOT SO…To get invited into these press conferences you must agree in advance not to ask PROHIBITED QUESTIONS. Any news organization that breaks the rules faces severe sanctions. They will be blackballed for a 6 month period ….on their first offense. Any reporter that asks the questions not only will lose his banished from the industry…he might even have an unexpected heart attack like Breitbart and Russert.

What other topics or noticeably prohibited these days?

No coverage of the Illuminati or the privately held Federal Reserve ( How can Rockefeller and Rothschild control the worlds money supply?)

Not one major news organization has done any digging into the obvious…the connection between Freescale Semiconductor and the missing Malaysian flight #370

Not one news organization will even discuss  Deigo Garcia….ITS NOT ALLOWED

Weather manipulation…fracking…huge increases in earthquakes…..Anyone wondering what’s up?

Why did the US Government buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition?

Is FEMA preparing for a homeland security sweep. Do we have 25,000 Russian troops in Northern Michigan and Montana? How many Chinese troops do we have in our country?

You know there’s a real problem with the press….when two comedians…John Stewart and Bill Maher….are the foremost authorities on what’s happening in our world. They ask the tough questions and make the important observations.

Maher pointedly outed the Obama liberals as being disingenious and weak…for not questioning the Obama adminstrations NSA overreach..9 out of 10 of all recorded and stored phone calls are not RELATED to terrorism. If George Bush or Mitt Romney were president the liberals would be screaming bloody murder…but now barely a peep.Maybe between the chemtrails and legal marijuana…the opposition is being self-medicated into never never land.

Perhaps Stewart and Maher will show up at the next press confrence with these questions in hand…we know nobody else is going to do it .

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