President’s day sale- Buy now-pay later?

      2012 is shaping up to be a very unusual year. While the failure by Republicans to produce a viable candidate may not be as big a news as the Mayans prediction of the end of does speak to the times that we live in.

   With all the talented people in this great country, how did we end up with these 3 “bargain basement” choices? The Republican establishment is very unhappy with how things are shaping up. Romney is a completely discredited potential leader…who left his moral responsibility in one of his off-shore accounts.
Newt Gingrich’s Florida meltdown speech won’t be soon forgotten. Any prospects he had of landing in the White House flew south for the winter.Rick Santorum..really?…smart  Republicans know that he is a sure loser in the fall. Democrats are giddy over this current president’s day selection.

  So what are the Republicans going to do? Jeb Bush could enter the race now and still win the nomination .. There is time for him to get on the ballot’s in some major states. It appears now that it’s likely no Republican will have enough delegates to wrap up the nomination before the Republican convention in Florida this summer. Bush does NOT NEED  to win enough delegates, just enough delegates to keep the competition from  gaining the upper hand. With Ron Paul taking a nice share, Gingrich will probably win Georgia, Santorum and Romney splitting the rest..opens the door for Jeb Bush STALEMATE strategy. So, why isn’t Bush walking thru the door? It’s NOT because he doesn’t want’s just that well,his services may already be  spoken for!

   When Jeb didn’t endorse Romney when he came to Florida…did his action speak louder than words?  Was this unexpected non-endorsement more that what meets the eye? Is Jeb Bush’s recent penchant for inking columns in the New York Times and Washington Post a precursor of events to come?
 Is there any correlation to Jeb’s not entering the Republican primary ..and the advent of a third party nominating platform ? Why are so many ultra-rich Republicans and some Democrats holding their cards so tight to the vest?
            There’s Lot’s of people not buying during  this President’s day sale..unwilling to buy now and pay later!  Is the smart money waiting for a better deal? …..can I get free gift wrapping with that? !


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