Pre-existing medical condition? Not my problem? Don’t get old!

Give Obama credit for laying it all on the line. Do we continue to allow millions of Americans to dodge  responsibility of contributing to the health care solution? Do we not allow our elected officials to make changes through our legislative process? Does America cow tow to  5 unelected out of the mainstream judges … usurping  the power of the people?

One of the most important aspects of the Affordable heath care act of 2010 is beginning in 2014 ..pre-existing conditions will be covered. It’s a blight on all Americans that we allow insurance companies to pick and choose their  insurers…grabbing up the profitable Americans with glee, but shunning other Americans that may not be quite  as lucrative to their bottom line. The obvious and quite fair solution is to mandate all Americans to pay for health care. If we allow younger people to skirt responsibility…we are creating a generational divide that is both morally wrong and makes covering pre-existing conditions economically unfeasible.

Many of us out their have been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. Here’s my personal story. I moved 3 years ago ..leaving my job up north for a new life in Florida. I took cobra between jobs so I could keep my insurance intact. I got a job after two months..but there was a 150 day waiting period to get on my new employers insurance coverage. So, I paid 600 a month for individual coverage for a 7 month period. Once I got accepted on the new insurance plan..I cancelled my cobra coverage. I went to my new doctors in Florida and they reviewed my medical needs. In turn they asked for approval from my insurance company to cover what my previous insurance company was covering. I received one of those ..thanks..but sorry..were denying coverage based on pre-existing condition. They said I could reapply for coverage after a 12 month waiting period. Bottom line is I was unable to get the pharmaceuticals required to treat my condition. After several months ..I was really feeling the effects of not having the proper wasn’t good. I asked my physician what I should do..and he had no advice. I pressed him..asking if I should purchase the medicine illegally Thur the Internet. He looked at me and said he could never recommend the same time shaking his head yes…sending me a signal that it might be the best way to go.

Feeling boxed in with no good option, I took a calculated risk and purchased the generic form of the drug needed thur the Internet. I felt a little  like a criminal, but  more worried due to the  lack of quality control. My pills came from India..but it was labeled as the drug I needed. I searched the web trying to figure out the proper dosage,etc.It’s amazing that I had to be my own doctor and make these kind of decisions on my own. The upshot is the medicine I received was degraded and who knows what was actually in them. I had a bad  reaction after a few weeks..and had to go to the emergency room. I was told to discontinue the drug immediately.It was a good thing I went to the emergency room, because it was not uncommon to see this condition become dangerous.  I had to wait another 9 months before my new insurance would cover the medicine. It was a very long 9 months…unnecessarily exacerbating my condition.

We all contribute to social security and medicare..whether were 18 or 25 or 55. We all will be consumers of health care…why would we exclude anybody from the responsibility of taking care of our collective health? It should be a given that we all need to pay for health care..young people cant duck responsibility…and make their parents and grandparents pay..and if the younger people get sick…we all get to pay for them anyway. Lack of coverage for pre-existing conditions is everybody’s problems . ALL Americans need to be part of the solution…and yes..even those 5 unelected judges …this is everybody’s problem..and were all part of the solution!

11 comments on “Pre-existing medical condition? Not my problem? Don’t get old!

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  3. Jim B. on said:

    To be fair, it’s not exactly “universal health care” if the patient is forced to file bankruptcy after the care is completed.

  4. Ron on said:

    Basically true but I’m not sure of your point. The affordable health care act of 2010 is much more. Pre-existing conditions will now be covered..along with 40 million more Americans. As you state, emergency room care is the most expensive care and not cost effective…the new law is big improvement..if the supreme court allows it to stand.

  5. Kevin on said:

    We had universal health insurance without the Affordable Care Act. Anyone could walk into any emergency room and be treated for any condition, regardless of their ability or willingness to pay. They still can. The costs are passed along in the form of higher costs of care for the insured and those who pay out-of-pocket.

    We had universal health insurance. It’s been delivered via ERs, the most expensive route in the world.

  6. Ron on said:

    Thanks for the information..learn something new everyday! I guess your situation makes the case for sstax.Good luck.

  7. Shan on said:

    We don’t all contribute to social security. I work for the state of Louisiana and they have opted out of SS withholdings. No state employee from teacher to governor is even given the option of contributing to Social security, just private 401k and investment retirement accounts. Accounts, which have haemorrhaged money for the pat several years and even though I’ve ‘contributed’ $18K my balance sheet received quarterly shows a negative. Plus the health insurance offered is over $500/mo for a family. Which wouldn’t suck If I made more than $20k per year.

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  9. Larry Kaiser on said:

    Ive delayed moving to Florida b/c of pre-existing. I have been insured for the past 5 years in MA. The only insurance I could find is Blue Cross., but I would have to be insured by Blue Cross MA before the transfer. Also, the cost for me alone would be $1700 a month
    with $5,000 deductable. Anyone know of other alternatives?
    twitter: Getsmart4

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  11. Kevin Knauss on said:

    Something is spooky goofy in Fla. HIPPA says that if you have had creditable insurance in the last 63 days pre-existing conditions can not be excluded.

    Because I am so vocal on healthcare reform, I am always defending it to the uneducated or completely politically biased. If more people who don’t like ACA could know someone like you, many opinions would be changed.

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