Polls move sharply against Romney…Republicans scramble to distance…


                      Who would of thought it would be this easy? Romney is  a flawed nominee, but one could never imagined this scenario. His incompetence has opened up the barn door for a Democratic blowout. The senate will be solidly blue..probably 55 senators. The house is an unexpected windfall, not being perceived quite yet by the national media…Democrats will see significant and unexpected gains.

   Despite Citizen’s United money and all the other super-pacs …all the money can’t make Romney into presidential material. These big money donors may realize the presidency is lost, and may move money into the house and senate races that are slipping away from them. This is just dessert  for big money men that think they can just put up their cash and name their president.

       Just today, Romney actually told folks he was the proud grandfather of “Obama-care”..probably not that far from the truth, but a truth he wouldn’t dear whisper during the Republican nominating process. Several Republican senators distanced themselves today from the Romney train. His ill-considered generalization of categorizing 47% of all Americans as non-tax paying dead weights doesn’t play well into the electoral crowd. Just as many Republicans are on SS and medicare..these seniors paid their fair share all their life, with little respect garnered for the Republican standard-bearer.

Iowa is now up by 7 …Ohio by 7…Wisconsin ,Ryan’s  home state …leaning Democratic by 5. Obama leads Florida by 7 solid points, and Pennsylvania by 8 points. Romney managed to get into this whole all by himself. I bet we won’t see anymore presidential candidates in the future that have Swiss bank accounts and furry dogs strapped down to the top of the car on the way to Canada. The polls are clear ..and the rank and file Republican candidates now understand Romney is a liability…the crazy uncle is out of control, now don’t let him take the whole party with him.


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