Middle America…WAKE UP…Political polarization feeds the 1% ..

    Today is May Day … an important day for the occupy movement…hopefully there will be no unfortunate incidents. Watch closely what happens in both New York and in San Francisco.  We’ve come to a time in this country when opposing sides are digging in and frightening the mainstream. The occupy crowd,while mostly  well  intentioned   …scares the average person… who may in many ways side with the general gist of their agenda. Let’s  hope tonight’s  nightly news will not  be filled with angry young people creating a dangerous situation…or police forces ready to make a statement.  There’s a much better way  to forge change…  a real, responsible approach that can  be well accepted by mainstream Americans of all political stripes…and could and should  make  positive change happen.

 Extremists to the left…extremist to the right… But middle  American is  left out of the action ….it’s time for the average, middle of the roaders  to have a say!  It’s time for mainstream Americans to figure out  what we want to happen…and bring it to the forefront by good old fashioned thoughts and actions. Here’s what really should be happening…let’s open the worlds eyes to the real America. Lets organize and prioritize our issues.Let’s launch a mainstream push up the middle that respects all sides…forges  consensus..culminating in a list of priorities representing the American middle…created and organized by the American middle. No super Pacs  needed or wanted. There are millions of  really fine people with much to offer to the American people. The power of face book and twitter is still in it’s infancy..not for much longer…the Twitter-Book revolution is real!

Here’s a rough draft….A realistic,livable minimum wage…equal pay for equal work- tax fairness for the working class..tax collecting from our mammoth banks and corporations..no more off shore tax dodging allowed…affordable health care for every American………Reign in states rights that threaten our friends and neighbors … end unequal justice…tax the underground economy so everybody pays their fair share (national sales tax?)..let loving couples engage in marriage..and let women control their own reproductive choices…

 After thoughtfully conferencing over the next weeks and months…..we can spell out our priorities …the middle has the most power..we just don’t have leadership..but its staring us in the face. The Twitter/Book 2012 revolution front and center. Can middle Americans forge consensus?  If we are not happy with the political reaction to our demands…we simply close the country down…thats right….we are the real bosses..and the twitter/book internet power flares its powerful engine. We pick a day in the future..say the day after labor day,Sept 4th…  Remain non-violent always…we simply extend  the long weekend off if the politicians are unresponsive .Secretaries call in sick to work, bus drivers don’t drive..doctors and lawyers catch the green flu…bank tellers no show..waitresses sleep in….nobody leaves there homes!  No cars on the road…no grocery shopping..nothing. We close the country down..give all of time to refect on what labor day should mean…paying fair wages,not allowing big banks to profit off the backs of the disadvantaged…so many ideas would work. Imagine the awesome power of the people if the mainstream middle could forged consensus!

We have tremendous power at the tips of our collective fingers. Power is in the numbers, all women should join this mission, and men too..all Americans  should come along,older folks,blacks and whites, gays and straights,Democrats and Republicans..were all on the same team. Let’s show the “powers to be” whose really in charge…its not the superPacs! …IT’S THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE. ! Time to tell both extremes whose in charge,what we want..and go out and get it..weve got the numbers..lets use it before we lose it!! Organize on twitter/book…the times need us to step up and shake its foundation forever. …fairness can be rendered…just need  good thoughts coupled with good people with passion..now that’s the American way!!

9 comments on “Middle America…WAKE UP…Political polarization feeds the 1% ..

  1. Pal Simon on said:

    Our main priorities should be election reform, banking regulation and end of war. I would gladly sacrifice my Social Security for that, because once we have those 3 we will be able to get single payer health care and all the other things the voters want. Until we accomplish those 3 things we will never get what the majority of citizens need and want. We must let single personal issues take back seat until we get those 3 things DONE.

  2. Thank you. We could flex our muscles in a big non violent way. Let the leaders know there is real urgency for change..we can make it happen!

  3. Bettie Isacson on said:

    Well I truly liked reading it. This post provided by you is very effective for accurate planning.

  4. Tanie kwatery on said:

    Definitely imagine that that you stated. Your favourite reason appeared to be on the net the simplest factor to remember of. I say to you, I certainly get irked even as people think about concerns that they just do not recognise about. You managed to hit the nail upon the highest and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  5. Ron on said:

    I agree. This is the worst thing that can happen. Time for the adults to take over.

  6. karen on said:

    Sad part is, there are the renegades in San Francisco that have already started going around smashing store front and car windows. How is this showing that we are responsible adults trying to make a change for the good for everyone? Yes, the American people need to pull together, but destruction isn’t the answer.

  7. Diederik van Nederveen on said:

    It’s like the bully on the school playground; he’s scary, he’s big and mean, and no one wants to be caught in his path. Till one day when some of the little guys band together and confront the bully. The bully tries to stand his ground but in the process creates a bigger scene and more little guys come to give support to their pals. Soon the bully starts yelling at everyone and may even begin to cry before running away.

    The occupy movement is in its early stages and the bully is trying to hold his ground, but soon more ‘little guys’ will join their pals and the bully will be forced to change. I am one of those little guys trying to fight a corporate bully and in doing so will expose the flawed government system that allows lobbyists to push for protection of these bully corporations.

  8. Ron on said:

    Extremely well said. I agree with your comments completely. So, I guess the question is how do we convince middle America to get off there collective asses and lead the American people. I also worry that it may take more pain to realize gain. On the other hand, weve never had a tool like the internet to engage people. The power is in the people’s hands..its all about the numbers. It’s time for the radical middle to take charge.. we don’t have 20 years to wait…we cant wait 20 years. The time is now!

  9. There have already been many attempts to get middle America to join with activists across the country engaged in calling for change. (See http://the99spring.com/ ) We recently had all-day trainings in non-violent direct action (NVDA) all over the country sponsored by more than 60 organizations. The problem is in getting middle America to wake up and understand that they have a horse in this race. There is historical precedent for what we are doing and history shows that true change may take as many as 20 years. I worry that the government and the wealthy are too far ahead in taking away our rights, and establishing an environment that will make it impossible for a ‘peoples’ movement’ to succeed without bloodshed. In addition, the Occupy movement is more concerned with securing a place in history as agents of change than of actually uniting the 99% to be sure we have the power to create change! (See http://www.pacificfreepress.com/news/1/11442-the-99-bullshit-co-opting-the-movement.html .)

    We must convince an extremely polarized populace that we are all, indeed, the same, and that the government is no longer engaged in protecting the interests of ordinary Americans. If we cannot put aside the ‘wedge issues’ we are all doomed!

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