Obama wins debate, but media bias is disturbing…The people can decide on their own!!


                       As one sided Romney’s debate win was in Denver…Obama more than evened the score  with a pure pounding of Mr. Romney. Outclassed, out gunned at every turn, we saw a more true view of who Mitt Romney really is. His demeanor was mostly bullying..and his expression towards the end of the debate couldn’t hide what we were all seeing. Dollars to donuts polling will reflect in the next day’s a complete bounce back for team Obama. Unfortunately the strong performance of the president is diminished as we see media bias steer an electorate to the candidate of their choice. Crowley favored Obama at every turn…and more importantly  hand selected the 10 questions that were asked during this debate.  Questionaire after questionaire didn’t seem so “undecided”…and blue collar Republicans  and their country club brethern   weren’t invited to this little clique.  

             From round one to round 10….Obama dominated this night. He would defend his position…and turn right back on Romney… boldly questioning Romney’s  positions with e authority of a president. Obama scored the biggest when immigration was discussed, reminding the audience of Romney’s “self-deportation” plan for American’s immigrants. Pay equity for women was discussed..and again Romney looked a  sexist,dated  Republican. His condescending tone was telling when he agreed “equal pay for women” was an important topic.  Romney looked bad on contraception and …his condemnation of China while investing personally in slave labor  was another telling moment for Romney.  The president was aggressive, freely reminding the audience about Romney’s 47% indiscretion. When Romney felt like he had Obama on the “Libyan tragedy” and lax security…Candy Crowley became fact-checker-in-chief in real time..and knocked down Romney’s claim of Obama’s denial of “terrorists” being involved in Libya. While she was factually  correct …her control of the debate,personal  bias…and stacked questions from the audience was the only dark cloud on this evenings debate. The George Bush questions..assault weapons…immigration….every question seemed tailored made for the president. Obama certainly won this nights on his merits, but the voter doesn’t need “moderators” and “media” companies picking the winners and the losers.

                 This night was all Obama and the Democrats….but perhaps in the third debate….we can have the moderator step back..and let’s these two adults slug it out for themselves. Don’t underestimate the American voter….we just want fairness..all around..we can decide for ourselves… We don’t need PBS, FOX ,CNN or anyone else playing us..we get it….the media needs to do their job…and the voters will do their’s!


One comment on “Obama wins debate, but media bias is disturbing…The people can decide on their own!!

  1. Lonely Conservative on said:

    The fact that you claim Obama won is the best example of media bias. Odumbo almost cried to the biased moderator everytime he got cornered.

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