Obama Sheep Brigade gives life to the New Republican Party (NRP)



According to Time Magazine, Rand Paul had the “art of a political salesman, “and was able to market his ideas to his audience; then added that his ability to disagree with his party often helps him win an argument. In the hours after his filibuster, CNN noted that “Paul can shape the future of conservatism.”


Rand Paul is sitting pretty watching the POTUS slowly dismantle much of the progress of his first term. Beyond each action, for every reaction – there is a counter-reaction. This places him in a position to be the beneficiary of a political pendulum that will invariably swing the Republican’s way. An example of this process reflected itself when U.S.A Today declared, “The bull market’s continuation is a lock.” What happened? No sooner was their analysis reported that the bull’s wheels ground to a screeching halt. Similarly, a recent column about Rand Paul brought an overwhelming cry of, “NO CHANCE” – [from the mass detractors amongst opinion makers]. By a margin of 82 to 2, the columns readers dismissed Rand Paul’s chances. Decrying it impossible – his marching to the front of the line and threatening three Democrats for control of the White-House in 2016!


But if Progressives continue their blind allegiance to President Obama, this looms as danger, via a G.O.P. resurgence that continues to build. The odds on Democratic victory in 2014, has given way to scandal, ineptitude and significant uneasiness over “war fatigue” – in Iraq and Afghanistan. Public opinion against U.S. growing involvement in the Syrian civil war is strong. For the first time ever, I find myself in general agreement with Sarah Palin, who just today suggested, “let Allah settle the civil war; declaring we should keep our American soldiers and bullion out of harm’s way.” We can’t be the policeman of the world. We’re collectivelyaghast at the use of chemical weapons, [which reportedly killed 150 people]. Yet in relation, we were silent by comparison; if our gauge is public outrageof American drones killing some 800 civilians. Let’s cut the crap!


Americans have given up all semblance of privacy in order to, “fight the war on terror.” Many individuals of both political parties seem resigned to allow governmental vaginal probing of our privacy. It no longer matters what is between our legs. Now we are arming the rebels who essentially are Al-Qaida, the same people we are giving up all our privacy to fight! Are you fucking kidding?! This Bi-polar governmental policy will not sit well with the American public.


If the Democrats continue to act like little Bo peep, following our President with blind allegiance, the Republican resurgence will take on a new life of its own. Senator Rand Paul and his maverick style, often critical of both Republicans and Democrats, will play very well in Peoria. It is time for thoughtful Americans to make their concerns clear. Otherwise, we open the barn door to the end of Democratic control of the White-House. Rand Paul can’t do it alone, but he is getting lots of help. The duality is palatable. Obama is armingthe enemy,” both abroad and at home. Now is the time for our silence to end or we will own the results of complacency and blind allegiance.


It helps no one when partisanship, (in any direction), trumps looking into the mirror of refection!




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