Obama poised for big win – Here’s why…


                   As the July fourth independence celebrations begin, the presidential election will soon begin its final trimester. Reading the tea leaves, many  signs are pointing to a decisive re-election for the POTUS. Here’s a run down of why …things are spinning out-of-control for the Republicans.

               Romney is a flawed candidate whose weakness will be pounded home time and again during this final leg of the campaign. Besides white dudes who makes 100,000+…he has no other constituency that he can count on. Romney’s refusal to back the equal pay act for women..coupled with his “severely” compromised position on women’s reproductive rights are not winning him any extra votes. He is beholden to the Billionaire bomb squad, and as things slip away… the desperation of the tea party will come through loud and clear. Middle of the road voters will be uneasy and not come around to the extreme positions of Romney’s money men. Even Rupert Murdock is prepared for a Romney lose..one of his biggest cheerleaders up until now.

       We know the black vote with go around 90% for Obama. A bigger problem for the right wing is Romney’s tin ear towards the Hispanic people. There is no reason for any Hispanics to vote for Romney..even Romney’s likely choice of Marco Rubio, senator in Florida…will not help. The Hispanic vote is wide and varied…and a rookie tossed into the Vice-presidency will not sway many Hispanics. Kind of like Geraldine Ferraro or Sarah Palin capturing the women’s vote….crude  tokenism will not help…Hispanics are poised to support Obama by some 65 to 70%.Romney’s chances to win Colorado and New Mexico are  weakened…..He’s even down in North Carolina…and the big prize of Florida..seems well positioned to go Obama…despite the tea parties desperate attempt to keep as many Democrats as possible off the voter roles.

    The Obama “pros” who are managing his campaign out of Americans heartland..good of Chi-town..are so much smarter than the Romney man that it’s like a major league baseball team matched up  against  the AA squad. Romney is beholden to these not so smart operatives..another boost for the progressives. When the gloves come off this fall, we will continue to hear about Romney’s Bain out sourcing of American jobs. His huge personal profits that he pocketed…and his  willingly  ducking of  taxes… and squirrelling   his money away to the Cayman Islands … his Swiss bank accounts…and the arrogance of a man  who will not release any  meaningful tax returns.  Let’s throw into the mix a solid stock market and a European situation that seems to be stabilizing, while precarious, may not be as bad as first thought..the stock market doesn’t seem  overly concerned. Let’s not forget Romney’spersonal foibles..like his cruelty to Animals by tying his dog to the top of a car on his jaunt into Canada. What kind of asshole would do something like that?…do we want him protecting the Earth and his continual denial of any ‘global warming issues”…which clearly are here to stay and require a dedicated effort to bring things under  control. Another wild card out the is there is no independent candidate positioned to take any significant votes away from Obama. Ron Paul looks like the likely standard bearer for the fringe…and he will hurt Romney  more than he will take votes from the Democrats State by state polls continue to edge slowly but steadily for the president. The affordable health care is affirmed by the courts, and quite popular with the rank and file. Romney’s best hope is a complete economic breakdown in the next several months. With states like Florida unemployment rate has fallen from 11% to under 8%…and major near term downturn seems unlikely. All the facts point solidly towards a decisive win for Obama…the good sense of the American people will prevail.

11 comments on “Obama poised for big win – Here’s why…

  1. i hope you are right, and while i agree with all your points about why Romney shouldn’t win, I’m not sure how much Romney’s shortcomings matter. The conservative impetus to vote in this election is hate, not policy, right? that’s how romney even manages to contend. i suppose the big question is how many people are motivated enough by that hate to actually vote. it’s one thing to say you support romney in a poll because you hate obama, it’s another to get yourself out to cast a ballot for a guy you don’t like very much.


  3. I fully concur, and more, but it totally flabbergasts me that the polls show Romoney is anywhere near to being in the race. Has to be that the repub base is hard headed and the rest of them must be terribly uninformed. Or, Big Media is conspiring to make it look like it’s a close race to keep ratings and ad revenues high? Whatever, dont think we have to be concerned about Rumney, and hopefully the congress will be cleaned out of it’s infestation of obstructionist repubs…

  4. Great points and feedback. Thank you.

  5. Larry on said:

    I thought a snowball had a better chance in hell then a GWB 2nd term. American exceptionalism = Exceptionally ignorant. But I pray you are right.

  6. Mark on said:

    Please cut your articles in half. You can say the same thing better if you do.

    Mitt has another voting block he can count on — FOX viewers, and those who listen to hate radio. Of the people I know who watch FOX / hate radio, every one, EVERY ONE of them, will vote against Obama.

    In other words, people only know what they are told –garbage in, garbage out.

    Another factor is voter suppression, which could easily cost PBO 700,000 votes in Ohio alone. He will have to carry Ohio by over a million to make sure he wins –and that chances of that are near zero. So if he does not take Virgina, and loses Ohio, he is done. There is no way he can lose both those states and still win.

    And — one last thing. The hate Obama voting block is energized. If you wonder why MR is catering to the lunatic fringe — it’s to motivate the hate vote. They are not crazy about MR — but if they can fill these idiots with hate, they will go vote.

  7. Thanks! Romney is a really bad candidate..be thankful were not running against Condy Rice (yet?)

  8. Theresa Powell on said:

    That sure sounds reassuring, and I hope you right. Everytime I here this is such a close race, I can’t imagine who in there right mind is pledging to Romney. Your analysis sounds more rational than any poll I’ve seen.

  9. Trudy Le Beau on said:

    A good analysis of the facts. The only loose cannon that can affect the election are the southern Bubbas and extreme conservative Christian bible-beaters that refuse to acknowledge proven fact if it contradicts what they want or what they believe. You know the saying “It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing; it can’t be done and you’ll just irritate the pig.” Tea Partiers and conservatives have their heads wrapped around the bible and 2nd Amendment and will believe GOP/FOX lies because of that. What do you think?

  10. Thanks for the great comment!

  11. arlenearmy on said:

    Very interesting analysis. I think you are right. Even if Romney was not a factor, Ive tried to tell republicans that its best to wait for 2016 because for the moment the GOP has many competing forces w/in its party that makes it harder for any GOP nominee to beat out Obama who is running UN-opposed in Dem primaries.

    2ndly, there the teaparty factor which is not necessarily at odds w/the GOP, but its too aggressive in trying infiltrate the establishment republican party.

    3rdly, there’s the GOP alternative libertarian youth vote – AKA Ron Paul supporters. No 2012 GOP candidate (other than Paul himself) will get those kinds of voters. And Romney can not beat out Obama w/out them.

    But, you’re spot on about the Hispanic vote is just about Mitt’s only chance. But like you indicated, its unlikely he will get sizable amount of Latinos even if Rubio is put on the ticket.

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