Not Mitt/Rick/Newt- How about Jeb?

    When Romney went into Florida, he was expecting to get the endorsement of Jeb Bush. Bush stiffed him on his endorsement, as Jeb and his backers sat back and  watched  the Republican party self-destruct.   Bush is not interested in running as a Republican this year..ON A REPUBLICAN BALLOT.

The voter’s of this great country are about to get a real surprise. Corporate America has decided to get into the presidential race, with a side run around Democracy. The big money boys on Wall Street have teamed up to bring us a new twist on presidential politics. They are going to use the internet to let the “public” select their choice for the White House.

Americans Elect 2012 is a 3rd party nominating platform. They will likely be on the ballot in  all 50 states.
I implore all thinking Americans to check out the AE webiste… leadership is a whose/ who of the last two Bush Administrations. Study the names on the leasdership committee. It’s all their for the public to see.

                  When will the mass (trash?) media do their job and report on what is really going on in presidential politics? Why won’t anyone explain to the voters what’s really happening here? The mainstream press will not act against the best interests of their the ad revenue about to come their way will be record setting. I’ts not good business for the mainstream mopes to do their job…unless they would like to lose their job.. Rachel Maddow did one show asking some interesting questions about this shadowy organization….seems even she has been silenced since

     Corporate America is trying their very best to privatize this most important presidential election.
They shuddered at the prospects of Obama and the 99% getting 4 more years in the White House.George Sorso and George Bush are not buddies….until now. The world wide economic crisis has brought together two most powerful self interests groups  to join forces. It’s all about the oil….it’s all about
the ritchiest and most powerful furthering their agenda..

Do you think its time the American people were told the truth about this? Implore,bombared,write letters asking questions. Lets do all we can here early to expose this dangerous  plan to usurp Democracy.    

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