No matter who wins- the middle class will lose.-Demand public financing of elections.


                 Until we decide to take Citizens United, George Soros and the Koch brother’s out of the “king maker role”  nothing much different will happen for the majority of American people. Wages in this country are stagnant, and it’s not only  because it’s a tough economy. Wages are stagnant because this is what’s beend decided  by federal law – a law that both the Republicans and Democrats support. These two parties only worship the “God of re-election” and the American people are the big losers. Neither party can take the risk of truly fighting the big corporations as they dole out the mother’s milk of election cash. A public election system can solve that problem..set aside a 12 weeks period..each candidate can have their time – equal amounts of money for all duly elected representatives.

                     Why do we in 2012 still support a  national minimum wage of $7.25 and hour. Florida is at $7.65….while our friends in Canada have a minimum wage of 11.00 an hour and is $15.00 in England and $16.00 in Australia. This is the ugliest type of corporate welfare or kickbacks that we allows  corporations to dictate pay rates to  working Americans.  Want to bring folks ahead, want to jump start the American economy? Just put some extra hard earned money into the consumers  hands. 70% of the economy is consumer  driven. Wal-mart pays 11.00 dollars an hour in Canada,and they have record profits every year!

           This is why Americans needs a third political party. The Middlecrats..that’s us… both Dem’s and Rep..can.bring in Independents, libertarians, Green party, no party….and selected the best and brightest to run for senate seats throughout America. Concentrate  on selected low hanging fruit states. Ths plan is something that can be implemented. without pressure from a middle-centrist party…American workers will never have a livable minimum wage. The two parties are owned and controlled by the people that would hold the American worker down long as they can get away from it. Demand fairness…demand change, otherwise no matter who wins the White-house, nothing will change…the American middle class will continue to shrink away.

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