When analyzing who was responsible for the takedown of Malaysian flight #17…the answer seems  increasingly clear. Western interests have the motivation to paint Putin as “Satan”. Putin has no reason to rally world opinion against him….why would he act against his own best interest?   Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

Is the US/UK/Rothschild/Soros Western interests prodding the tepid  European’s for  support to galvanize Russia’s  takedown…and halt the Russian/China assault on the US dollar?

Within hours of the planes demise, Obama and the mainstream media had Putin pinned as  “guilty”. A decade earlier, The West demonized Saddam Hussien…selling us on his “evilness”..much of which were proven false….yet we waged war on Iraq after “selling” the United Nations based on a plethora of  untruths and exaggerations.

Putin’s assault on the dollar…backed by China …called BRICS  is a brand  new multilateral development bank…operated by  ( Brazil,RUSSIA,India,CHINA and South Africa) a fullscale assault on the dollar…and Western Economies. This NEW alternative to the exisiting WORLD BANK and INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF) is a direct “act of economic war” . Headquartered in China, the new bank is a precursor to the petro dollars fall from grace…and economic despair for all  Western citizens.

One can make the arguement that the West is doing what it has to do to insure our economic well being. If  WW3 has begun…the battle lines are certainly being drawn. Whatever you think about our Western International Bankers…they are plenty smart and ruthless. Americans are certainly glad German is not our primary language….and we all say “NYET” to making Russia or Chinese our  new language of choice.

The missile that apparently took down MH17…could have been fired by Russia, Ukraine, or the CIA/MI6…or dozens of other nations ….these weapons have been around for decades.

The Western Media’s joined  at the hip “cheerleading”  of Obama’s alarmingly quick “guilty as charged” accusations is telltale. The wisdom of the action can and will be  debated…but it’s obvious that killing innocents aboard a commercial airliner was not in Putin’s best interest in the public relations battle.

A true understanding on what is happening in the world can lead to compromise and sanity. A continued blurring of what is really happening can only fuel the fire of unprecedented danger. The world needs to face the facts…and work out a solution. Death,destruction and despair  is not in the best interests of the world.

A  free press can shine a light on the truth..and end the darkness that’s threatning all that is.Time to get all the chips on the table and solve problems without destroying the world as we know it…  


  1. 2424giger on said:

    just wait until Stregnow talks and denounces Putin/Lavrov&co I can happen !

  2. Fazila Sheriff on said:

    If people were not brainwashed by maistream media controlled by Zionists one can clearly see the truth. Americans and Zionists have been controlling the wealth sector for decades .the attack on Putin has been orchestrated like 911 to create islamophobia .creating war in Afghanistan Iraq Libya now heading for Iran .sloey for monetary gain .Ukraine is their only hope. Putins no fool .

  3. Doug Webber on said:

    Interesting post, makes me think a bit more about this. You might want to check out my blog post: A Prophetic Dream of Flight MH17: Another False Flag? at

  4. gigerhermanlee (@flgovcand_gig) on said:

    Dutchman , yes you got that right. I am sure there was warplane debris somwhere of either side. Also shells from machingunfire ,and and CHAFFs deployed means one was chased down with Air to Air , BuK is a swindle ,of course.Look in twitter and follow, i am there since day ONE MH370 adding MH17 per 17 July .We will have Civil Aviation safe again.

  5. Bill C on said:

    Good piece. I will tweet this article: #BRICS bank vs. #IMF a reason to demonize #Putin and launch #falseflags and kill chances of developing nations

  6. John on said:

    Russia supplying sophisticated weaponry to the Rebels (Russian military terrorists) is equivalent to giving a loaded gun to a young child and acting surprised when he starts shooting up the neighborhood, or giving nuclear capabilities to a bunch of unhinged Muslims in Iran. Russian has to accept responsibility for missile launchers that have been shown on video crossing back into Russian territory, complete with missing (fired) missile port.

  7. DutchMan on said:

    What a load of crap! Then why are the separatist giving the investigators a hard time entering the crash site? Why are the separatists clearing the crash site in such a hurry? My guess is that these guys have been given ‘toys’ they should not have. Putin is not the bad guy here, but he should take (some) responsibility, secure the crash site and take back all his military equipment. But instead of doing this he’s helping the separatists to cover their asses.

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