American’s Elect 2012 is about to crash the " parties"

    It’s getting kind of hard to watch this calamity. The Republicans party is in complete meltdown mode. Romney has just plain failed…giving the nomination over to the most-right wing nominee since  attila of the hun. The Democrat’s are very happy…but don’t celebrate just yet.

The brain trust at Americans Elect 2012 are ecstatic over this turn of events. This 3rd party nominating platform is poised to make big news. It’s a  re-incarnation of the “no-labels” folks, but bigger and badder than ever. Who are the folks that put this 3rd party platform together. ?

    Led by William Webster(CIA/FBI)  and the Webster group, DC’s most prominent lobbying/strategic planning enterprise. The leadership is comprised of 63 named directors. Front and center is Peter Ackerman ( and son Elliot).,billionaire grocery magnate…and money man behind this “movement.” Throw in
some heavy duty hedge fund money (Soros?) ..the Rothchild’s (BOA) ..Add a dash of Christine Todd Whitman ( Jeb Bush’s best gal pal…) and Bush advisor and media maven Mark McKinnon…we have a very capable group of people.

  Let’s also note that part and parcel of the American Elect 2012 “non-violent revolution of the radical middle” is the mainstream media. GE, Comcast and the whole gang over at the New York Times. Last September on Meet the Press, McKinnon and his co-anchor, Thomas Friedman..announced to the world about Americans Elect 2012 plans to privatize the White House….and essentially run their own candidate via an Internet election.

American Elect says they are a non-patrisian nominating platform…who’s bylaws insist on a  President from one party…and a vice-president from the Democratic party. So, if the “people” happen to pick Jeb Bush(insiders choice) …they may team him up with say a John Kerry..for a skull and bones ticket from top to bottom.

    Maybe Americans Elect has something to add to the 2012 presidential race. I just wish they would truly open up to the voters and tell them what is really going on. That Corporate America needs to control things, as the 99% movement has the bankers and hedge-fund operators in a cold sweat. The Republicans may be out of contention in 2012, but corporate America is in full control. Beginning very soon,the mainstream media will be calling American Elect a “historic” movement…and the love fest and their quest for the White House begins.

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