Mitt’s cash is in the Caymans- he won’t let us see his tax returns..he’s insulting the American voter!

Mitt Romney appears to me as a man that’s just plan out of control. With the camera lights on and his election year in full wing..the arrogant attitude of this man is in full stride. After insulting the NAACP by unnecessarily using “obamacare” in a pejorative way. …he now tells CNN live on TV that there’s no chance he will release any additional tax returns. He says he legally complied by the law ..and that’s the end of the issue .

Wow, does that sound like a guy that really, really doesn’t want the voter  to see those gold platted tax returns . He seems to believe  the release of those tax returns will destroy his campaign…its a  smaller risk to keep stonewalling than actually complying to the morally responsible action of releasing  multiple years of tax returns .

So, we know that Romney made many millions vultering over corporations..and picking their leftovers dry. Denying promised pension coverage….Romney and his people even forced the federal government to back up loans …that Bain’ had acquired and…systematically destroyed…,saddling the government and taxpayer to bail out the pensioners.

So , Romney made 250 million or more ..moved  much of his wealth overseas, and tells the American voter to fuck themselves if they want to see his tax returns.With no remorse, us voters are just not going to get to see those tax returns.  Personally speaking, I’m appalled that a serious presidential candidate would have this type of attitude towards the American people .It;s not right, its unseemly, and I hope  for independents and thoughtful Republicans too. When someone is so insistent on hiding something from us…me thinks there may be some smoke by that fire.  If Romney won’t get close to telling us the truth now, guess how much worse it would be if he becomes president.? Hey .. Mitt….Tell us why the Cayman Islands is the place to be ? What is the rest of us missing?

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