Middlecrats replace Republicans? …America get’s a grip? …


                  It’s too late for buyer’s remorse…the Republicans got what they deserved. We are witnessing the end of the Republican party as we know it. The brand is forever tainted. Billionaires spending their bullion to bully the American voter is just not going to work. This political party managed to dis-enfranchise just about everyone. The black and brown vote in this country is overwhelmingly Democratic…people of color just don’t feel welcomed in the GOP. Women have been used and abused too long..this political party won’t even support equal pay or a women’s right to control her own destiny. The elderly were weary to begin with, and now that Romney’s disdain for those freeloading social security bandits is out…even conservative seniors are offended.

               It may seem in the short-term seem ” it’s all wine and roses ” for the Democrats…but more importantly than this year…. what’s the long term outlook for America? Has this great country been reduced to a one party system? If the Democrats have no competition…just what will happen with our tax dollars? Pounding the upper-middle class with lot’s of new taxes may feel good, but it’s hardly a solution to our economic breakdown. Big money and big influence left unchecked does not bode well for the middle-class….no matter whose in the Whitehouse.

     Want to change America and get a grip? Can the occupy movement…build bridges   with the Ron Paul movement….join up with the unhappy Republicans and Democrats…Independents…Green party folks, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer supporters?  Can we cast a wide tent with open arms to  to all who want a better America? Consider the best and brightest ideas from all sides…and have a centrist government that makes policy based on people’s  best interest…not corporations.

    Equal pay…Equal rights…a livable minimum wage…why are we still fighting about the obvious? A leaner, less militaristic  government …. with a reasonable level of taxation Stop wasting 50 billion dollars a year on the war against Marijuana. Provide food stamps with care…allow only nutritional food WITHOUT high fructose corn sugar. We know what makes people sick and unhealthy..let’s stop the food vendors and pharmaceutical companies from controlling our fate and burdening our health system.

   America is land of the free and the home of the not so extreme. Time to shift our middle class power to a centrist, sensible government. Corporation’s left in control of the political system seals America’s continued downward spiral. The Middlecrats can be the political movement that both inspires and emboldens .We can  take ownership..and be the change …that makes the change…for the benefit of all.  Now’s the time to make our move…time for America’s middle-class to become Middleacratic… and take control of our destiny…

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