Who gave Grover the keys to the car? Can an entire political party be intimidated?


           As we await the Republican convention…it feel’s like we sit and wait  for the freak show to begin. A once powerful and respected  political party has been dismembered by a determined subset of it’s  members. Millions will tune in and feel powerless….as the ultra religious, really white group of powerful people “try” to set the agenda for this country. As we all begin to see that… we the people…mostly unknowingly….sold the “naming” rights of our country…to the highest bidders, just the same as we allow “The United Center’ to be bought by United Airlines..et al.

    The Citizens United ruling…another 5 to 4 supreme court decision…..has dramatically sifted who has the “Klout” in this country and who are the spectators. The middle class voter has been overtaxed, underemployed and poorly represented. We have no piles of cash to offer our politicians…we only have the power of our individual vote. That is even being challenged, as extreme zealots have created laws to disenfranchise the most vulnerable amoung us…taking unholy advantage of the American voter.  Who gave Grover the keys to the car?….how can an entire politcal party be intimadated?

    We need a middle class solution to our problems…not a Democrat or Republican one. We need real people to be involved with the real solutions to this countries many difficulties. Maybe the solution to our inability to influence the conversation is right at out fingertips..literally. My employer is a large  corporation..pretty decent people really. The only way they we get things done in our business when things don’t always go right…is  to “blow up” the phones and make sure we GET EVERYBODYS  UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!   That lesson can be applied to our country today. Let’s continue to  harness the power of the Internet…and  make some noise.

           Did we really hand over all political rights to only those with money , power and benefactors of  lucky sperm? I say no … We didn’t…they just took it when we weren’t looking…and..WELL..weve notcied…time for the regular folks  to assert our legal and moral authority and retake  ownership of our country.  We can take the country back ..Pick up  your phones…pens..and keyboards…lets tweet to sea to shining see…the middle class wants its country back!. Are  there  any real  political leaders willing to lead…because they have good ideas…and not a bloated checkbook. ? Do we have the character to stand up to the most extreme elements and of our great country? The jury is on lunch break..and we need more than a 5 to 4 decision!

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