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What could possibly make Russia, USA/UK and China come together with so much calm and cooperation…acting  in virtual lock-step post MH370? .Has anyone else noted a subtle but noticeable difference of tone . With  Malaysia and Australia ,India and Veitnam silent …thery s NO BITCHING  ..No one ready or willing to expose the truth? What if the truth is Earthlings MAY not be in power on this one….or we have some kind of onogoing negotiation GOING ON….with most of the passengers alive and well? Why not? The Weaponiozation of space, electronic warfare,lazer weapones,Russia ultra-dangerous Topov missiles,the Earth is in real danger….maybe we need some help from smater entities.

Is it possible this  has plane never landed…reports of UFO’S much larger that a 777…could it be in a hanger ,right now, orbiting Earth…or perhaps be under the sea? Exrta-Dimensional interceding( like it’s been said 100’s of times shutting off  the nuclear power plants) CouLd their be a cosmic power interceding to save all from self-destruction. EVERYBODY ACTS IN THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST. OUR EXTRA -DIMENSIONAL FORCES HOLDING HOSTAGE AS A WAKE UP CALL TO EARTH THAT FUKISHIMIA AND THE FURTHER WEAPONIZATION OF SPCE PUTS EVERYBODY AT RISK….AND TO CUT THE SHIT NOW OR PAY A PRICE? This theory is not any crazier than someone telling you a plane went up..and never came down? So what happened?

The originally theory that the plane “crashed” because of mechanical faluire or “pilot” suicide seems more and more unlikely. The track record of the Boeing 777 was near flawless….and the fact that not one piece of debris has shown up anywhere in the world is quite telling. It deifies all logic,the assumption that the plane crash doesn’t hold water….and the missing black boxes only reinforces that this “crash” scenario didn’t happen.

Another  theory is that the plane was “hijacked” and flown to some undisclosed location. A secret base in the Antartica, perhaps to  Pakistan…or hidden in Diego Garcia,a USA/UK secret black opps site ….possibly underground and out of sight. Perhaps by auto-pilot…and secretly flown very low to avoid radar. This scenario is possible but  more unlikely. China, Malaysia and Russia would be extremely unhappy…everybody so quiet and well beahaved..  It’s highly doubtful that Pakistan or any Earth bound terorrorist organization/country could pull off such a sleight of hand without detection.

Another scenario is that the plane was blown out of the sky by a highly advanced laser weapon or missle.  A kind of live demo by the USA/UK to warn both Russia and China not to mess with Ukraine or take down the “dollar” and destroy the Western economy. Laser technology has been developed…and exists…but one has to wonder a few things. There would still have to be debris from a blown up plane. Black boxes would still exist. The laser “shot” would have had to come from one of America’s destroyers…with 5000 navy personel on board. Tens of thousands of other military would be involved,from various carriers and support ships. If America and it’s Western allies  can keep this “action” totally secret it would be impressive. Knowing what we all know  about government and it’s imperfections….it defies logic that a secret this big can be held for such a protracted length of time.

The “fourth ” scenario is becoming more likely by deductive reasoning and common sense…even though the theory may seem “out-of-this-world.  ALL the major super  powers had satellites in the area and witnessed whatever   happened… no one is sharing the details with the “civilians”  It’s a long held belief by many that “extra-dimensional forces” began to interject themselves more frequently  in Earthly matters after the nuclear explosions in 1945. While these “visitors” or perhaps “originals” have been part of the Earth scence for thousands of years, nuclear devastation ( THE WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE)  on Earth will affect the health of the entire cosmos.

We know MH370 and electronic warfare and “invisibility cloaking ” were part of the scenario…that is confirmed. We also know that in 2013, the United Nations named Malaysian astrophysicist Mazian Othman “United Nations space ambassador for extraterrestrial contact affairs” Interesting coincidence…or not? ! UFOologists have long looked at Malaysia and the city of Kulala Lumpur as a hot bed of “extra-dimensional” activities.It is time journalists and the world at large  direct questions to astrophysicist Mazian Othman. It is possible the plane was encased in a larger plane and either taken out to space and is orbiting the earth…or was flown undeground and the plane is kept in a hangar beneath the sea. UFO’S and it’s counter part USO’S (Unidentified submerged vehicles) certainly do exist.

The weaponization of space threatens  Earth, and also puts our entire universe in jeopardy. I’m tired of  the “Independent” press being marginalized because we ask the questions that need to be asked. Alien abductions are not a new phenomenon, and  President Obama’s  ” weaponization of space ” has been a secret  top priority.

Lets’ find out the truth of flight MH370…where ever it takes us.  DO WE HAVE  BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS?…TRYING TO  SAVE EARTH FROM ITSELF?  … Time FOR AN ALL OUT attempt to get the truth out…Maybe the realizaton that human beings aren’t the onlt thing that matters…..a humbling but need experience?

Perhaps an announcement of something  unexpected maybe coming forth in 2014? . Bill Clinton just a few weeks ago went on national TV.  and said it was quite possible we have or will get visited by exta-dimensional. Obama commented ont he “REPTILIAN ” BRAIN last year. …and now we our  prepared with a United Nations ambassador to the Extra-Dimensional..hailing from Malaysia of all places!

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