A billion reason’s the mainstream media swallows..

       Why won’t the mainstream press inform the voters about American Elect 2012 and their dubious intentions to privatize the presidency? There is some powerful information being withheld to the voting public. Is the mainstream media intimidated by superPAC’S?. Is the  media  playing nice so they can ring up some enormous profits for their stockholders? Recent legislation allowing unlimited spending by un-named donors is a media moguls wet dream. Should we be upset that much of the  media has prostituted itself for cash..or is the middle class numb to being left out of the loop?

      The American media is now owned and operated for the benefit of the rich and powerful. . Billionaires with deep pockets are ready to spend an unlimited amount of money…. to hire their own president to run things in Washington. Media  giants are sitting on a big old surprise for us voters. Ever wonder why practically no established Republican speaks on behalf of Romney? If he was such a great Governor and private sector  businessman..why no surrogates on his behalf? The Republican mainstream is solidly behind AE2012.  AE2012 is also  bringing  on board independents and as many Democrat’s as they can (neo) con . Their election bylaws will present 6 candidate’s in May, along with 6 VP choices from the opposite party.

  What’s shaping up is an. all skull and bones ticket ….Jeb Bush and John Kerry..private guns for the private benefit  of billionaires and large corporations. The 63 leaders posted on the AE2012 website (americanelect.org) include Bank of America, hedge funds controlled by George Soros, the Rothschild family,the Rockefellers,..and oil and pharmaceutical interests.The richest and most powerful people and corporations are trying to make an end run round Democracy. We really shouldn’t be surprised…but the middle class can get informed and can take action. The Internet has leveled the playing field..and people have power to change things..we don’t need billionaires..we just need people and passion.

  It’s no surprise that AE2012 has gone to great effort  to not  reveal who is putting up all the big bucks.  Secretive donors and media companies that pretend to be independent set off all kinds of red flags. .The 1% is alive and well, and they want “their” White house back. With the media as their little bitch, corporate America is set to conquer. Should someone say something?


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    We are owned , stripped of our basic rights, Continuing on a backward course, not allowed truth, we are sheep! Hands tied to work twice as much for 1/2 the wages . Now to speak out against the 1% is considered an act of terrorism. These people have broken all the rules. And have ruined our country! Next… If they buy their way in, they will surely use all our money to buy into the biggest war that is coming, I would guess right after the election

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