Mitt can’t reveal taxes until nominated…otherwise he might not be the nominee!!


It’s becoming pretty clear that Mitt won’t reveal his tax returns because he will not get the Republican nomination if he did.

Remember, Mitt is only the presumptive nominee..and there’s many foes within the Republican party that would be thrilled to see his “presidential star” fizzle. In fact, with the McCain camp privy to 23 years of tax records..seems some Republican have the inside scoop on what would be revealed. Interesting to reflect, that the McCain camp took sorry Sarah P. over a cash rich logical vice-presidential  choice in Romney…..wondering why…are Romney’s tax return’s just plain toxic?

If Romney was elected to be president, imagine the arrogance he would display after he got the job. He won’t come clean and talk to the American voter now, can you imagine his arrogance should we give him the keys to Pennsylvania avenue. It seems the “moment of truth” for the Romney campaign is not far away. Either Romney coughs up the tax returns and tries to get the nomination despite it’s content, or he  continues  to stonewall. If he continues to sit on the tax returns , I’m feeling his tax returns might  be released anyway….somewhere..prior to the Republican convention. Romney doesn’t just have foes to the left, but many to the right don’t like him put it mildly.

One way or the other, it feels like Romeny’s likely  toxic tax returns are in our future. Imagine what INTEREST the Republican convention would be if Romney fails to get elected on the opening ballot. The world could turn upside down quite easily…and a surprise, compromise nominee may still be coming from the Republicans.

Smart Republicans have done the math, and if Condoleezza Rice became the standard-bearer  this year, she would likely be unbeatable. No way would the POTUS take 90% of the black vote….and the women vote would also be significantly altered….truth be told… Condy Rice is probably the best Republican for the job. She would do very well with independents. Alas, .. progressives would be wise to tamper down the tax talk for now. Let an injured and vulnerable Romney get the nomination..let’s not let the Republican elite take him down so they can sneak in their ne0-con agenda…..the 1% is determined to get the White House back..and they don’t care if they go through the front door or the back door…the result is the same. !

One comment on “Mitt can’t reveal taxes until nominated…otherwise he might not be the nominee!!

  1. Solomon Kleinsmith on said:

    I can’t stand Romney either, but this garbage is nothing more than pure speculation. It’s a complete joke to pretend that anything is at all clear about why Romney isn’t sharing his tax returns.

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