Liberal overconfidence leaves vulnerabilities…

        The Republican primary process has been a joy for all Democrats to watch. What great fortune luck has been bestowed upon the left. No matter what candidate emerges from the Republicans,they will be bruised and battered. Right now with economic news more positive, the stock market rolling..and Republican’s locked in slow motion suicide, things look ripe for the plucking for the Dem’s in November. Alas, It’s never  as easy as it looks.

    No matter who emerges from the Republicans, they have 40% of the vote secured hell or high water. The same for President Obama. Rain or shine or alien invasion, The Democrats have their 40% under lock down.So the real battle is all about who can capture the 20% smack in the middle,the up for grab,late deciding group. Independent thinking people, not enamored with extreme thinking and being  drowned in  92% negative advertising. This group  remains a wild card.

  I recently spent time with 10 or so young nieces and nephews. People ranging in age from 21 to 30. All had either graduated college or was attending school. Knowing this young people all my life, I knew they came from Democratic/independent households. As the discussion turned to the political comedy going on, their opinions caught me by surprise.

  All of them agreed they were upset by the handout’s they believe are  being doled out way too easily by the government.  Many of their friends from high school receive food stamps and other assistance….but these young people worked hard , took out sizable  college loans..and scrambled to get degrees. Several of them are now working in professional positions. They take umbrage at their high school classmates who didn’t try as hard, partied,  and  had kids out of wedlock.

  So as bad as it looks right now for the Republicans , Romney is likely to emerge as their nominee. He will quickly not become as “severley” conservative as he has presented himself in the primaries. Romney  and billionaire superPAC buddies are not going to roll over and play dead. So, progressive be warned, ..overconfidence is the Republicans best friend.

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