Jeb Bush / American Elect 2012 – Political marriage?

Finally, Andrea Mitchell mentioned the B word. Do you think it’s time for the mainstream media to ask a few questions? What is going on with American Elect 2012. Why have hedge-fund, banks,oil and billionaires funded American Elect 2012? Is it to promote Democracy? Lol.

Corporate America is about to unload the story of the decade. The privitization of the presidency.

How can that be? Why is no one talking about this. Why is Amercian Elect so shy?

  It’s all about George Soros and George Bush teaming up to shape the new world order. Do your homework. Read about the non-violent revolution in Egypt. Soon enough you will be reading about the non-violent revolution of the radical middle right here in the good old USA. Professional market movers are salivating at the mouth to take advantage of the discontented voters. They have hatched this plan for years, very quietly..waiting in the wings to manuever the white house into the hands of the NWO.

Americans Elect will be on the ballot in all 50 states. They have the backing of some very important
people. Even the New York Times and Thomas Friedman are on board. The world definetly has flattened.
Amercians Elect 2012 has been critcized for faliure to disclose funding. What a surprise.Do you think they are trying to hide from the public  who its donors are? These esteemed members of the 1% truly think they are “a force more powerful”
There’ our challenge..99%.. Amercian Elect, along with Bank of America et all, think they are the most powerful force. They are even trying to swipe back our internet.(sopa)…selling us on the “peoples” choice
fallacy of their internet election. So, lets all look in the mirror. Who is “a force more powerful?


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