It’s high time to make peace with the…peace pipe!

Whoever takes the White house….they need   to address a very serious issues and it’s something that’s very solvable. Law enforcement this year is spending 10 Billion dollars against the war on cannabis  That’s MUCH  less deadly than cigarette’s or hard alcohol. Each year there’s more solid evidence showing how marijuana  has been used in a variety of medical uses. Easing pain and creating appetite for cancer patients,glaucoma relief.. Pleasure at rock concerts,   obviously many of us growing up in the 60’s,70.s and 80’s enjoy the weed…half the people reading this get way or the other.  Mayor David Bloomberg when asked if he tried it, replied” “you bet I did,and I liked it”.

    Marijuana is by far the  largest  cash crop here in the USA…worth estimates of 30 billion dollars. That represents billions of potential tax dollars going into our coffers. Add in  ,what could this country do with a good chunk of the 10 billion we use to incarcerate marijuana users. Take that money..let’s not leave it on the table of the cartels. Lets it be a regular business, taxed and regulated. That’s some real money, that can be used to straighten social security. Create more green jobs with the green!

    Certain opportunity’s require all political parties come together and create ideas and solutions for the future.I’m quite certain if there as forceful, accurate and articulate discussion  in place after Obama begins his 2nd term, that these types of sensible and beneficial change can come to be. If you want Republicans to go along with it, just cut them in on the action. Better these funds be recirculated here in America,instead of disappearing in South America or the Cayman islands.

    I had a friend who was driving with a small amount of marijuana being smoked  in his car. He is a professional guy. He told the cop that  he was sorry and wouldn’t happen again. The cop gave him a break.

   Ive got another friend, well-educated hardworking guy. He has the luck of living in Arizona and has a Hispanic last name. He got pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. The cop immediately searched the car as there was a minor odor in the car. He got arrested on the spot. Never broke any other law in his life besides a speeding ticket. Now his divorcing wife is using this to get custody of his two sons. This is just not right. Different justice for different people. This is not America. Let’s come together and fix some thing

                                                   Say yes to sensible public policy..


3 comments on “It’s high time to make peace with the…peace pipe!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    As long as prisons are privatized and the politicians are putting the money in their pockets they don't care how much revenue it brings to this country. These are business men fueled by greed that don't care about injustice or what's good for the country! People have to vote and know who owns the prison systems and the nursing homes and the oil rigs, know their agenda and boot them out. Then we can all share a toke!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    And the decleration of independence is written on hemp paper!

  3. soxfan068 on said:

    Don't forget that hemp can be used for a variety of things from paper and clothing to rope and oil.

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