Is American Elect 2012 dishonest? Are they telling us lies?

   Everyone seems to be selling something these days. So what’s up with American Elect 2012? What’s really going on with this shadowy 501c 4 super PAC? What are they selling?    Americans Elect email- dated 3/27/2012:

    ” The first round of American Elect 2012 is now only 41 days away  and thanks to many
American Elect 2012 delegates,were now 324 donations closer to our goal of 1000 donations!.
Make a donation-every bit helps..encourage friends and family to sign-up and make a donation
. Use facebook/twitter and email get the work out to anyone you might know who wants more power
   in choosing our next leader.In 41 days, you will begin narrowing the field .Not only will you be moving one step closer to directly nominate a presidential will be sending the largest message yet to the parties ..that 2012 is a three-way race.”

How stupid do these ad writers think we are?. They are posturing as this little homespun  exercise in Democracy.  You might ask why are billionaires even bothering to raise donations? ….it’s  because they need to establish some street cred  with the rank and file. They are trying to parlay voter discontent into a “contrived” movement of the middle class. Do you really think they have 324 donations on hand? Do you really think these billionaires lofty goal is 1000 donors? You would imagine these hedge/funds, big banks,oil and coal interests…You would aim higher than 1000 donors? …LOL! …can you feel when your being sold a load of BULLSHIT ?  AE2012 is selling us  hard …to give the appearance of building a grassroots movement. Tell your friends..every bit helps…give me a break…a dozen unnamed fat cats bankrolled this movement to privatize the presidency…..they aren’t really interested in your 20 bucks…that’s just the script.They say “you’ will directly nominate a presidential ticket…by the way..its not  true. AE2012 private councill will officially sanction the final ticket..again..salesmanship. Ma and pa kettle..send the largest message yet that this is a three-way race….and “you” have more power.  Be prepared American voter, this is just a prelude. The mainstream media is set to propel American Elect 2012 into this special “movement’. They’re entry into the mainstream lexicon is just weeks away.

Perhaps it’s time for some questions of American Elect 2012… long can these anonymous donors hide behind the middle class.? Why not just tell us what your really selling…..corporate dominance of the 99%…..the privatization of the presidency….not your hopes in capturing 676 more donations!  

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