Iraqi Oil nets great results…for a U.S. Banker named China. By Jay H Berman


By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Guest Columnist for

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China is now the biggest buyer of Iraqi oil. Wal-Fart reaps the benefits of Chinese manufacturing. Iraq’s oil production is currently at its peak since the U.S. invasion. The loser in all of this is, once again – the American people. Who the hell do you think footed the bill in blood & taxpayer rip-offs?!

Before the invasion, Iraq’s oil industry was subject to sanctions & unable to compete in world markets. The Bush “Crime-syndicate” promised renewed access to its enormous reserves. But, somebody out-snookered the D.C. crooks. More than $2 billion a year & hundreds of workers appeared into the sandy ‘Black Gold.”

Where did this money & labor originate? Nope, not in Crawford . . . in CHINA! How has this happened? China has no problem with lower profit margins, because in the process it gains contracts. Not convinced? Ask former “DoD Bush oil dude” Mike Makovsky who told the N.Y. Times, “It was our war, but they benefit from it, & we lost out.” Even worse, the U.S. Naval Fifth Fleet & U.S.A.F. – act as security for the supply chain!

Western oil giant Exxon Mobil whines while the Chinese are very happy. One Iraqi Oil Ministry spokesman said, “Chinese companies are state-owned & do not answer to shareholders, pay dividends or incur costs of outrageous executive pay. China only cares about securing its huge energy needs; Exxon or BP or Shell only care about profits.“Whew, good thing the I.R.S. understands & helps Exxon & their buddies get by!

But the Wall St. gang tells us this isn’t a problem. These energy “experts” explain that Chinese demand helps keep world prices low. Adding to this the fact that U.S. domestic production has spiked, thereby supposedly lessening our needs for foreign oil. Sounds great, but these are the same folks who drain the U.S. treasury via our nation’s largest “private” bank, the Federal Reserve. Reality is that there is NOTHING federal about this cash cow, opened for business back in 1913. It is a private enterprise that regulates, [i.e.: dictates], both monetary policy & interest rates.

While The Federal Bank of the U.S. is mistakenly believed by many Americans to be part of our Federal government, it is not. Further, despite Congressional hearings that on C-Span make it appear as though our elected legislators do more than play golf, it is not subject scrutiny or transparency requirements. Why has the Federal Reserve Bank never been audited? Well, they run the show folks. In bed with the largest Wall St. investment banks, brokerage firms, commodity exchanges & insurance companies – who’s kidding who? Sure, Iraqi oil is irrelevant to all of these interests. After all, it was not their son’s & daughter’s who gave their lives in the desert. Plus, it was & is Americans who can ill afford gas prices & their tax bills that take it on the chin!

Don’t worry, because Wall St. says all is well. True, for them, Iraqi Oil Ministers, Wal-Fart . . . & CHINA!

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