Did we get played on Malaysian #370?…What about 9/11 and JFK? #FreeRonRambles #MH370


Despite the mainstream media’s frantic effort to lead the “world” on a wild goose chase in the Indian Ocean….all logical thinking leads to a”military operation” intercepting flight #370. The mainstream media had no credibility what so ever. In fact, what is  clear is the “corporate media” has been outed as a unresponsive, unreliable and quite franky deceitful. Only the internet pioneers of free speech have opened the door on a plethora of interesting information only revealed thru the “independent” press.

We’ve seen a complete cover-up of any information about the USA/UK black operations site in the Deigo Garcia military base. Not one major network has inquired in any detail about the possibility of the plane landing there. It’s as if they are taking orders from the government… or the NSA/DOD/CIA/ROTHCHILD  NWCA(New World Corporate Alliance)

We’ve also seen almost no coverage on Freescale semi-conductor….the company with 22 high-ranking employees on the wayward plane.  The Rothchild consortium of banks and companies “dropped” 18 billion dollars on Freescale investment. That’s a number way out of proportion to any rival semi-conductor business. It’s way out of the norm…based in Austin,Texas..where are the CNN/NBC “human interests” stories about the “beareved” in Bush country ,Texas?

We keep getting sold a story about the black box..and the batteries running out. How about the total lack of debris..with all the ships deployed, it defies any logic. If the plane crashed…not one piece of debris has shown up. Don’t expect to find a black box ever.

The opposition party in Malaysia is screaming cover-up..they are quite sure the Malaysian ruling “powers”  knows exactly what happened. Guess who is the biggest investor in the Malaysian government? ..and their  bank…which owns the biggest part of Malaysian airlines…yep..Rothchilds again.

In a court of law, once someone is proven to be a liar and obfuscator…common sense and American law presume that there’s plenty more bullshit behind the lies..in this case the American government and the NWCA.

There is much evidence refuting the government’s account of what really transpired 9/11/2001. Dozens of books and thousands of scientists are now on record about an “inside Cheney directed” job. America’s second Pearl Harbor,rallying public opinoin..with George Bush’s famous contrived words, “your either  for us or your against us..moving American public opinoin. Waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…” and getting the “Patriot Act”  passed with barely a wimper 2 days after 9/11! How did they have that legislation ready that fast? Amazing!! Supposedly about “spreading Democracy”..it was only  about oil and feeding the military industrial complex.

No difference in JFK…if our government is willing to takeout #370..and the world trade center..removing a president seems more plausible every day. Not to mention the death’s of Robert Kennedy,Martin Luther King , and the mysterious “facts” surrounding the death of NBC newsman Tim Russert, who was hot on the tails on the “truth”…and exposing Dick Cheney,and the renegade governemnt-with-in-the governement.

Once you lose credibility….there’s more and more reason to doubt the official versions of all these tragedys. Free citizens everywhere can advance the cause of freedom  and transperancy…by continuing to doubt the veracity of  the mainstream press thats  “bought and paid for”…and open the door to the “independent” voices that demand the truth…wherever the facts  fall.

Some Internet .com  sites to keep an eye on for truthful reporting…

Intellihub…Great game India…Infowars….Whatdoesitmean…Before it’s news…Buzzfeed….Ronrambles…&more



4 comments on “Did we get played on Malaysian #370?…What about 9/11 and JFK? #FreeRonRambles #MH370

  1. All good points. I had written numerous article and covered much of that. I feel the IBM employee was an unlucky break for the perputrators. Have you seen the evidence of him sending a photo via iphone from Diego Garcia? Can’t find anyhow who undertands theose things to debunk it.

  2. Excellent assesment. What reason(s) do you think the shadow government hijacked the plane?

  3. Cathy on said:

    Right the black box will never be found, if it is it will be “unreadable” I was not onto any of this until the BM, that was a real balls up. Now I believe 9/11, Sandy Hook, MH370 and almost every tragedy that happens in USA is triggered by the Govt. Of course I was always sus about JFK and the like. Any fool can see the Indian Ocean search is just a diversion! So glad I live in Australia, all my friends think I am crazy, maybe I google too much, who knows? I am convinced the media in USA is controlled by The Govt, maybe it is in Australia too, but so far we don’t have many major tragedies to wonder about. The Towers, including no. 7 wtf? disintegrating to dust in a controlled demolition, well there’s just too many oddities to mention them all, how to they get away with this?
    Like it is said, take notice of what the first witnesses have to say, eg: before The Media get told to “you can’t run that” eg: it was a military plane, grey etc, and the oil slick and the Maldives residents seeing a low flying plane, although if it crashed where the oil slick was found it wouldn’t have then flown over the Maldivdes, nevertheless, the longer it goes on the more obscure the stories become.
    Cathy x

  4. Independent on said:

    You forgot to mention that the company is an umbrella corporation for military hardware development and in particular cloaking devices. The employees you mention are “low level” and you forgot about the IBM employee! One thing you did not touch on was the American hardware theft that was on its way to China.

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