How to defeat the Fascist Koch Cabal?…No negotation with Terrorists!


               The 1% is willing to do just about anything to preserve their economic power. This government shutdown has been planned for years. The New York times recent expose made it clearer than ever the Koch boys are the leaders of this movement. They think by shutting down the purse string of government…that they are stronger than the government…and intimidation will prevail. This  game of brinkmanship is in full swing…it’s time to prove the power of the people is more powerful then the fascist 1%.

       The people of this country need to unflinchinlgy support our president..only wide spread public support can break the back of the Nazi-John Birch society-tea party fascist cabal… that’s trying to make an end run around Democracy. These extreme elements must feel the pain..unfortunately, the rest of the country must be willing to also experience some serious discomfort as well

   Let’s support president Obama and not negotiate at all….it’s our opportunity to break the back of dangerous  elements that are poised to own our country lock, stock and barrell. To all that support Democratic principals…prepare to hunker down and fight fire with fire.

   If the majority of people stay firm and unwavering, the worst elements of our country will collapse under their own weight. Let’s allow the government shutdown to continue until the pain is so great that the fascist elements Scream Uncle Sam.

   Take as much cash as reasonably possible from Chase/Bank of America/ Citigroup/ Wells fargo and stuff it in your to speak. Cash in a chunk of your stocks and mutual funds. Have a  401k…take a loan for 50% …stay in cash ….and make the banks sweat and secure the coming months for your family 

  Stock up on the basics for your family…and hunker down for a few months. Stop shopping at Wal-mart and stop eating at Mcdonalds. Car pool…stay home…take your vacation time at work…spend time with your family and friends. Celebrate the holidays modestly. If your social security checks and disability checks don’t come next month..skip your rent payment for a month…cut your food intake modestly…drive your car only when necessary….and spend time with your family. Read, listen to music, make love..and most of all pray and practice unconditional love for your fellow citizens. Houses of worship must muster all  resources…good will always defeat evil.  

  The debt ceiling fight is around the corner…and it’s time to play hardball. If the Koch cabal really wants America  to default..let’s default and let China call in their markers. The stock market will tumble ….and the 1% will see their wealth disappear in a blink of the eye.

   A non-violent coordinated effort to inflict serious pain on those that would subvert our Democracy is needed at this critical juncture. In just a few weeks the stock market breaks…and the power of the people manaifest themselves…we will see the Fascist would be leaders fold their hand as their politcal power will disintegrate… more moderate elements will exert control. Rational elements will throw these anarchists under the bus. We defeated the Nazi’s …we can do it again…time for the 99% to flex their muscle. Support Democracy…support the president…no negotation with terrorists…power to the people!!

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  1. rick jones on said:

    You might reconsider holding dollars as they lose significant value in a treasury default. Consider an alternative safe haven

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