How the Right-Wing Billionaires are saving President Obama…


                              Nothing like getting  help from your friends…but Obama is getting a huge boost from crazy right wing billionaires. Joe Rickett’s, founder of TD /Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs…had a detailed plan of action to smear the president  and instill race baiting in our general election. Rickett’s plan call’s Obama,” A meterosexual black Abe Lincoln…and brings  reverend Jeremiah  Wright  back for an encore.

               The new plan  of Rickett’s  was leaked to the press…someone apparently didn’t agree with the Jim Crow approach to the next general. This nasty, racist plan should be held up for all to see and smell. This straight out race baiting …is a very telling sign for how the real money behind  Mitt Romney really feels. In their heart of hearts, these billionaires and multi millionaires do not care about the middle class. They don’t care about our struggling  kids in the public school system. These people have it made..they only care about themselves and how the rich … can control of the money and policies of this country.

       Arrogant billionaires in the public eye with  an unlimited budget of cash…are endangering their party to the delight of Democrats. All investors in TD/Ameritrade..or fans of the Chicago cubs…can support middle America by moving  there money out of TD/ameritrade and stop coming to the games. How can Chicago  support a man who baseball team and city have been a middle class   in Chicago for more the 100 years. The City of Chicago is home to the  largest percentage of African -Americans people…..neighborhoods all over Chicago and it’s suburbs. Many well-heeled African-Americans are part of the busines,cultural and life of the big city. I’m thinking Rickett’s plan is in the eye of the tiger now.

     Romney’s said this morning that he wants to repudiate Rickett’s plan. His handlers can sense that the Rickett’s plan had hit a brick wall and he needed to step away from it. This evening, Rickett’s was even backing down …saying the plan was not going forward. It seems with these uncontrollable Pacs  out there …we will see more billionaires step forward with their own smear campaigns. Let’ make sure on the Obama side we take these gifts whenever gifted….but don’t counter attack too hard. The key for Democrats is to keep the independents behind Obama. We can do that by remaining respectful to the electorate …and simply pointing out when the “right-wing ” cash brigade is bringing negativity to our campaign.

        Billionaires over-stepping their traditional gift-giving..and creating a right-wing frenzy…will be a sweet treat for the Democrats in the long run. The American people are strong, and we will stand by Chicago …and not allow racially divisive talk to get us off our game. The bumbling billionaire are an unexpected blessing in disguise.

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