By, Jay H. Berman

A Guest Commentator for ronrambles.com

Creator & Publisher, Ron Tenin



The accused “Criminal of Crawford” needs a vacation from . . . well . . . his vacation.  Asleep at the wheel for most of his eight years of continuous disaster in D.C., the inimitable G.W.B. travels frequently.  But, curiously, his destinations have not included Europe.  In 2011, he wanted to take his dirty laundry to Switzerland of all places.  The Swiss like things neat & clean, so maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  The thing is – The “Decider” may have been advised that there was no room left on this side of the Atlantic for his evil deeds.  But, our friends across the pond weren’t having it.  Maybe “The Blair Man” might’ve tried to sneak his good ol’ buddy in by the dark of night.  Not a bad wager, considering their mutual fondness for darkness.


“What is going on here you ask? Oh boy, strap in readers, you’re going to love this one!”


I know it’s hard to believe, but Dubya really had been invited by The United Israel Appeal to speak at their gathering in peace loving neutral Switzerland.  This was back in 2011.  The Swiss love their banks & may be accused of many things, but direct military engagement is not one of them; reported ties to the Third Reich of WWII Nazi Germany notwithstanding.  Besides, that was just a minor footnote in history as far as the Swiss bankers are concerned.  After all, they have more pressing concerns, like vaults & green pieces of paper with famous Americans pictured on them


“But hold on now ladies & gents, it gets crazier as this story unfolds.”


The trip was DOA via demonstrative protestations by multiple human rights groups.  To be more precise, the planned excursion died before it even got off the ground.  Last week, ronrambles.com asked the question, “The Bush Gang, or, The Chain Gang?”  This week, we decided to look further.  Swiss officials were called upon in 2011, to intercept the former occupant of the Oval Office, & escort him to a different type of gathering, (one clearly not to his liking).  More plainly, they were flat out asked to arrest Dubya & investigate him for authorizing torture!


In between naptime & enjoying his milk & cookies, G.W.B. likes to gaze at a map of the world, wondering where Iraq & Afghanistan are.  Sometimes, his “handlers” figure out where he should go next.  Remember, he likes to travel, especially to Orlando, Fl., & I’ll give you one guess why.  But Europe, with all its great cities & rich culture, art, & history, also has a history of international prosecutions; so it’s really interesting that he has gone out of his way to avoid it.


But a Bush mouthpiece “explained” – his cancellation of the 2011 trip was due to the probability of protests, “not at all having anything to do with possible arrest.”


“Of course, we know Good Ol’ George would never fib, right?!”


Now get this . . . Switzerland is attached to the UN Convention against Torture, & Amnesty International along with the Center for Constitutional Rights have said they are obligated because of this to investigate him; which may lead to potential prosecution.


Swiss authorities received a memo from Amnesty International in 2011that points out Bush admitted in his own writings since leaving office, that he approved water-boarding & other forms of torture; as interpreted by the Geneva Conventions & adopted by The U.N.  This includes detentions & interrogations in Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib & Gitmo.  However, still – no top ranking U.S. officials have been investigated, & there is likewise no accountability for C.I.A. crimes in secret detention facilities, according to the Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Bush might have faced investigation and potential prosecution for torture and other crimes in international law; 147 countries are part of the UN Convention against Torture. “US authorities have failed to bring President Bush to justice & the international community must step in,” quoting Salil Shetty, Amnesty International Secretary General, who along with his organization has been unsuccessful in these efforts.  A 2,500-page complaint against Bush was ready to be filed in Swiss court on behalf of two Guantanamo detainees by The Center for Constitutional Rights; yes indeed you guessed it, back in 2011 in lieu of the derailed Swiss trip.  I tried to confirm this, but George won’t take my calls.  Rumor has it that “His Pacifiers” say I ask too many questions & G.W.B. doesn’t like questions, especially the ones about his time in the White House!

Meanwhile, Dubya “decided” to sit at home on his throne instead, & then take a nap after watching Fox News, aka “the other Comedy Channel.”  Or, “Unfair & unbalanced,” along with whatever else you wish to call it.  Oh, one more thing folks, “an un-named source” claims, that George knows what those rectangular things inside The Bush Library, containing all the paper are.  He just can’t understand why they’re not filled with nice pictures instead of all those funny looking black markings.








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