Has Investigative Journalism Disappeared along with Flight MH370? #MH370


Has Investigative Journalism Disappeared With Malaysian Flight #370?



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June 22, 2014


A myriad of theories and conjecture abound regarding Malaysian flight #370; whose disappearance reportedly occurred on March 8th 2014. Determination to discover the unvarnished truth is ‘MIA,’ – although certain facts are crystal clear. Today’s remaining investigative reporters, (determined as Woodward and Bernstein had been), have been shut down and sent home.


The Rothschild/Murdock/Corporate Oligarchy has the world in a headlock – not letting go.


One has to wonder how and why everybody is keeping the lid on. Even Russia, China, the US, UK, and Malaysia are in lockstep. Their ‘unprecedented cooperation’ is controlling of the flow of information. No dissent nor finger pointing – all governmental entities fully unified. What has made this a reality? Further, the CIA, NSA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, and Interpol, (combined with private corporations Boeing and Rolls Royce collectively silent); no information forthcoming from anybody about anything!


The Western media is proven completely under wraps by virtue of the fact they’re not pursuing any of the most promising leads in this disappearance. Their silence is not just disturbing, by not asking any of the right questions, it points to what they’re hiding. Any savvy card player knows that ‘you can tell more about an opponent’s hand by what’s not revealed than . . . what’s in plain sight.’


Most revealing – ‘complete silence’ – about the two key links in missing flight #370. The ‘Free scale Semiconductor’ and military base ‘Diego Garcia’ are the elephants in the room. For more than three months the world has barely been educated about either of these two subjects. Austin, TX based ‘Free scale Semiconductor’ had 22 high level operatives on this flight. This supposed ‘insignificant player’ in the semi-conductor market was acquired just years earlier for a mind boggling $18 billion dollars by the shadowy CARLYLE GROUP. Which is owned by the equally secretive BLACKSTONE GROUP.


Both owned in large part by the Rothschild-Illuminati Cabal; which controls 95% of the Western press . . .

‘. . . Starting to get the picture?’


‘Diego Garcia’ is a black ops military island, [atoll] located in the Indian Ocean. Some information is in the public domain. The bulk of knowledge about this secret base is ‘highly classified’ – just as is the ‘AREA 51’ ultra-secret military industrial base located in Nevada. Underground extensions are said to reach throughout the Western United States, (most notably connecting it to the ‘White Sands Missile Range’ in New Mexico. ‘Diego Garcia’ is also believed to have extensive underwater capabilities containing information so secret . . .


Many interested parties are quite certain the technology, [in both sites] is literally unimaginable.


One may go so far as to say, ‘out of this world!’


Word association provides pieces of a puzzle fitting together:


Nuclear detonation New Mexico, 1945 – Roswell New Mexico alien crash, 1947 -Freescale semiconductor birthdate, 1948, [originally part of Motorola].

– Reverse technology – Stealth technology – Area 51 CIA Control, 1948 . . .
‘Hmm…busy year(s).’


Government exists to control power . . .



Isn’t it interesting that the U.N. established an ‘Ambassador to Extra-terrestrials’ in 2013, Astrophysicist Malan Othman, of Malaysia? She also is the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). Its mission is to act as an office dedicated to promoting – ‘Peaceful international cooperation in outer space.’

Additional word associations provide keys unlocking the doors to such secrets:

– The ‘Weaponization’ of space – ‘Space cloaking’ technology – Electronic warfare – Weather manipulation – Katrina – Sandy – Werner von Braun – Apollo 13 – Nazis – ‘Chemtrails’ – Rothschild patents – ‘Illuminati’ – Skull and Bones – Israel-Iran-Nuclear War-DIA-Philip Wood-Obama-Shadow US GOV-Military Industrial complex- Snowden – NSA – FEMA –

And so, the Woodward’s and Bernstein’s, (Et al), of investigative journalism are put out to pasture. Is anyone else wondering why?



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