Has anyone seen Mitt Romney and the Grover Express.?


               The old adage”  it’s darkest before the dawn” seems to be an accurate characterization of the  pre-fiscal cliff rhetoric in Washington.  The Democrats..and the American people… are sitting on a straight flush..and are about to cash their chips. The Republicans have no choice  but to come to an agreement…look for President Obama to throw them a face-saving Christmas eve bone…the Bush era tax cuts will be phased out over time. The Republicans will claim ‘winner ..winner..chicken dinner.”..but POTUS is just playing the game. The Republican’s  can read the tea leaf’s …they are lining up to ditch the Grover Norquist/Mitt Romney train wreck.

                 The 2014 elections are less than two years away…and the GOP know’s  it can’t let the House slip from its hands….if it does the “party” is literally over for the GOP. The striking fact of the 2012 presidential elections is that a clear majority of voters actually WANT a tax hike. The Bush “dynasty of disaster” will finally come to a screeching halt on Christmas eve. …a miracle of sorts. Fiscal responsibility and economic fairness will be re-born.

      If I were a betting man…one might look to a powerful end-of year stock market rally. All the signals say go! This last four day weekend saw “booming retail sales”. My “retail” sources are deep, wide and varied…and they are all saying the same thing. More early proof is real estate prices and sales in South Florida. Money is coming in from overseas at an unusual clip. A well-connected realtor made more money in the  last 30 days then in an entire 2011…same story for several of his/her peers.

    While it’s not all wine and roses…look for 2013 to bring in greater-than-expected GDP growth and lower unemployment. Consumer confidence has been boosted..and the trends are unstoppable. Readers of this blog often get a look into the future…it’s time for an upswing. We couldn’t owe a bigger debt of gratitude to Grover and Mutt…we couldn’t t have done it without you. God bless America and the wisdom of the American voter!

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