Does Media’s glorification of mayhem promote decadence?


             It would be great if as a result of gun tragedies we were able to pass laws that had a real effect on controlling gun violence. The NRA. like AARP, have disproportionate control over our legislators….don’t expect much change to happen. Even if they passed some more restrictive laws, tragedies like Colorado, or Florida..or Arizona..all over the country..will not be averted. Chicago has one of the most restrictive hand gun laws in the nation, and one of the highest murder rates at the same time.

    Our answers to controlling the craziness lies more in our acceptance or lack their of …of Hollywood’s glorification or guns and violence. I’m not talking about censorship…just a national discourse on sensibility.Earlier this year I was at the movies with my son. We must have watched 15 minutes of preview after preview of upcoming movies. We saw Spiderman, and Batman..and loads of other movies with violence displayed in its previews. I watched feeling disturbed by all the ads, looking around at a movie theater filled  with lots  of teenagers, and younger too.

   Earlier that same day a song came on the radio. It was by an artist named Keisha. It sounded catchy enough and I had no idea what the words were saying After the song was over ,my son asked me with a mischievous  smile if I knew what the song was about? ..I had not a clue. He went on to explain that it was girls going to a drag queens oral sex through a hole in the wall.. OMG. He is 12 years old and he’s explaining this to a clueless dad. The desensitizing of our youth is an enabler to a society that in moral trouble…our kids are subjected to degeneracy we never had as youths..we need to be more vigilante.

   Decades earlier, we figured out that smoking cigarettes was very dangerous to your health, We didn’t make it illegal, but we did restrict television advertisement  and forced disclaimers to be sold with each cigarette package. We also raised taxes on these items to discourage usage. Why can’t we have legislation restricting the amount of violence that can be advertised on television and movie trailers.? That could and should be controlled. Hollywood could assist and not make music video’s and reward artists that go over the top in common sense decency. Not censorship, the American public just needs to make it an economic necessity for big entertainment companies to provide content that’s not inciting  impressionable people of all sorts.  

       How about a combination of new gun laws barring rapid firing assault weapons..coupled with an entertainment industry that takes some responsibility for reigning in the violence and decadence in their advertisements? Kind of like the right-wing agreeing to some sensible restrictions..and the left-wing entertainers taking  more responsibility in their advertising standards..imagine if we could compromise and make some progress for the safety of our society…


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