Gridlock for two more years…then Democrat’s/middle-class- CRUSH THE HOUSE?


                    The Republicans risk all or nothing if they decide to block needed legislation in the House of Representatives. Democrats should bargain in good faith and be prepared to make practical modifications and reasonable compromise. Unfortunatley , early indications are dis-heartening on the Republican side. Besides Louisiana Governor Bobby other Republicans seems to “get it”. Doesn’t  seem like anyone on the right seriously envisons a bi-partisian solution to America’s problems.

                 A political party that’s alienated 56 % of women, 71% of Hispanics and 95% of African-Americans …is on “death-watch.”The billionaire buffoons that called the shots in 2012 are already putting up more billions for 2014. Maybe this is the best thing that can happen? Now that the progressive movement has sliced an arm off the right-wing bigot brigade, perhaps 2014 will be the final death blow.. take out extremism with one more powerful electoral pummeling.  If the American people sense the GOP is digging in and creating petty gridlock at the expense of the middle class…woe-be to those that run for re-election two years from now.

     As Demographics continue to shift to the Democrats advantage…perhaps it may be good strategy to tread water for two more years…and then POW…wipe out the Republcian party with a razor sharp blow. If the GOP doesn’t feel it’s in their best interest to compromise now, raise taxes on the wealthy, craft comprehensive immigration reform..and embrace equal pay for women…maybe the final battle in the 150 year old civil war can take place in 2014. For better or worse, a Democratic controlled White-house,senate and house…will certainly get tons of progressive legislation through. So, smart Republicans..take note…reasonable compromise in 2012..or risk complete decimation to the Republicans…America will be effectively ruled by a one party system…..a half-a -loaf in 2012 may be a very good deal for the GOP…and the American people ….Something tells me …”those right wing billionaires” don’t like to lose…and they may need one more walloping to end division and move the country in one clear direction.

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