Gov. Christie embraces Obama. Eyes 2016 GOP nomination…

                 The historical storm that has rocked the East coast no doubt will have an effect on this years presidential election. Obama has cancelled election events, and is in Washington D.C quarterbacking government response. Gov. Chrisite and President Obama have teamed up well together in an effort to get New Jersey back on it’s feet… with Christie singing the presidents praise. …while Romney is in Ohio giving away canned goods .. caught in a tough situation …needing to electioneer … but pretty much sidelined in deference to the crisis on hand.

                   Not very long ago Gov Chris Christie was the headline speaker preceding Gov. Romney at the GOP national convention. Christie self-absorbed speech  took most of the time promoting himself, and rarely muttered the Romney name. In his speech aftermath, the Romney people were very critical of Christie’s address. ..and Christie wasn’t too pleased with the Romney “machine”  If Romney turns up a winner  in 2012, Christie is sidelined to at-least 2020. On the other hand, If Obama wins…Romney’s career is done, and Christie stands tall as a statesman and leading Republican candidate and alternative to the damaged Paul Ryan  in 2016.

        While Christie and Obama mutual admiration society is in full bloom, Romney is pretty much set back to secondary status. With POTUS looking hands on and well in charge of the FEMA effort, Romney’s words during the Republican nominating process of “getting rid of  FEMA “and “privatizing” . ring hollow and plain short-sighted in the wake of this natural disaster.

     With pollsters put out of business with 7 million people out of power ..and the ensuing chaos…don’t look for any  more meaningful polling. The election stands in the balance..seems an unlikely chance for Gov. Christie to even the score against Romney and his Romney critics, will serve the cause of helping seal the deal on the re-election of President Obama.


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