GOP sequestration wins compromise in 2013..However, America doesn’t take kindly to blackmail…2014 mid-terms loom


In our representative form of government [no matter how strong or correct a president may be] minus the support of both houses of Congress, important legislation changes can’t get done. For better or worse the House of Representatives is the key to furthering legislation that could finally move this country in the right direction. Their filibuster proof numbers now hold America’s economy in a headlock. This country currently sits at the precipice of disaster.


It’s not a responsible thing for the president to use political intransigence as a weapon of choice against his own country. Agreeing to some changes in the entitlement programs is the only way Obama can break free from a sequester that, as time drags on, will become Obama’s and the Democrats to own.


Don’t expect the GOP to put the country ahead of its political pursuits, for this a political party in meltdown. They are just two years away from its possible death. It’s tough to fight a party that has nothing to lose – as the GOP is barely hanging onto its national political stature. Sequester will be the responsibility of the president, and all the ramifications from it [if not resolved soon] will surely reflect poorly on him.


At the end of the day, if we begin to have air crashes due to the fact we don’t have the money to protect the American public, whoever is in charge owns the responsibility. When the travel season heats up this summer, and vacationers are stuck in huge lines at the airports, the president will be blamed. If tainted food slips through our understaffed inspection system, it will be the government owning that too. When unemployment continues its inevitable march higher via sequestration the Democrats will be blamed.


The POTUS knows this. The country and the Democrats are on the firing line. Thus, the GOP has been given a wet dream of a budget proposal. Everybody knows that the president wouldn’t be messing with senior citizens pocketbooks. But at this point it is clearly the lesser of two evils.


So, whether you believe entitlements are out of hand and need some revision, or you don’t want to see Mitch McConnell Senate majority leader, we should support the president’s budget. We can’t get our economic house in order until we end sequestration. We can’t end sequestration until the Republicans put the good of the country ahead of their political survival, and we know that’s not happening. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to eventually win the war.


Sequestration and a continued stalemate is the only thing that can pump fresh blood into the GOP. We have little choice but to compromise under duress in 2012. The stage is set for mid-term elections when the GOP blackmail will be exposed for what it is. Democrat’s should get out of the way. They should let the weight of reality crush what’s left of an opposing political party that appears it may be crumbling. The GOP puts their narrow self-interest ahead of the country they were elected to lead. Stop sequestration and the revival of the Republicans. Support your president and teach the GOP that Americans don’t take kindly to blackmail!


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