GOP media arm-Fox news-Moving to the middle? Tea party abandoned?

Going forward, the Tea Party is closely aligned with their “Tea Man.” The same high-profile Republican now abandoned by party regulars. He is gaining traction, even among some Independents and a few Democrats. Establishment Republicans cannot allow Sen. Rand Paul to emerge as the leader of the party. Note to Rand, “Don’t expect unbiased coverage from Fox,” as they are out to make sure you won’t emerge as the Republican standard-bearer. Under no circumstances will they ever support Paul. Fox-Koch believes Rand Paul would be a suicidal choice for the GOP; virtually giving the Democrats and Hillary an easy ride back to D.C.


Sen. Rand Paul is “The Tea Party Man” going forward. But it also seems the Fox-Koch news network has learned some lessons from the Romney/Ryan regurgitation last fall. The mainstream Republicans have word out that the Koch Brothers are looking to buy the LA Times. Thereby they are trying to increase the GOP reach, and probably a good business move. The Fox-Koch strategy seems to be taking place as a reaction from the 2012 election meltdown. The civil war has shaped up quite clearly here. The Rand Paul machine is lined up vs. the Fox-Koch-Rove mainstream big money power force. Rand’s populism, & I suggest, “Don’t underestimate him” – could gain some real traction. He could be the man leading a mass movement, perhaps, facing down the mainstream corporate elite; as we watch the possible unraveling a major political party!


Fox news has a smart plan. They fully realize what the GOP needs to do. Broaden their base by creating a much bigger tent. The coming immigration bill, said to have bipartisan support is another way the Republican’s appear to have woken up. They realize they should be courting the Hispanic vote. Romney talk about “self-deportation” is a symbol of the old Republican Party. Fox certainly knows that 40% of voters describe themselves as either moderates or Independents. These are the people that need to be turned.


Obama has some brewing backlash with these folks. So, be forewarned, Fox news is on a mission to get their folks elected, and it won’t be the Tea Party. They plan to seal the marvelous middle, & make the Republican’s a more suitable brand for a more diverse and dynamic changing American public. 80% of kids 30 or younger approve of gay marriage, in both political parties. Times are going forward, as the Tea Party remains aligned with Rand Paul.


Yes, the times are changing and you must have political change with the times. Has Fox news learned a lesson? Have the Republicans woken up? Can Sen. Rand Paul emerge victorious? We shall see!

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