Good News for America’s finest….U.S. Military Vets…Jay H Berman


“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, is directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated.”


~George Washington

. . . There certainly is good news to report. But, before I do there is something that MUST be said. It is as follows:
“I don’t know about you, but for me those who wore & are wearing the uniform deserve a helluva lot more than merely paying lip service!”
It’s despicable & should not be tolerated. There are many sins one may be guilty of. This transgression trumps not all, but most. Whether or not it’s a public official, or an individual or group of civilians, actions speak loudly & are well remembered.

“Let us give thanks to all of our men & women in uniform; & pray for the families& the memory of our fallen heroes.”

Boy, that sure sounds nice. It is, when sincere.

“It means nothing & is worse still when not accompanied by a real demonatration of gratitude!”

For the last several months I’ve sought to express some of my views that shed light on the horrific effects of war. Finding factual documentation of our governments failures is commonplace. If you don’t know at least some of these details, stop reading right now. Anyone turning a blind-eye to the plight of your fellow American’s returning from combat will NEVER be someone I speak to.

Okay, now I wish to employ a respectful tone instead; & speak to the people who care. If you are amongst this group, know that your actions deserve praise. The U.S. government fails to fully take care of it’s own. The key word in that sentence is fully. Declaring that all governmental services provided are of no use is blantantly false. Acknowledgement of the positives & negatives in this regard is fair.

Because too many Vets still “fall through the cracks,” scores remain bereft of essential services. These are those still among us who so bravely served in WWII &/or Korea. These are the poor souls who sleep on the streets of America. These are the Vietnam Vets who decades later continue to suffer from horrific injustices. These are the Desert Storm Vets who are struggling. These are the Vets of the two wars of this millenium; men & women unable to readjust to civilain life. If you’re still on this page you know the gory details & they need not be reiterated.


A well-spring of grass-roots organizations has sprung up & grown. Many were begun by Veterans. Some continue to be led by Veterans. Others, equally worthy of great praise – are those private organizations created by civilians; aka – “We the people . . .”

The following organizations are not alone in supplying that which the U.S. government does not for a myriad of reasons. They are representative of many who aren’t mentioned. This is only because of limited space – which does not mean that those not listed are not worthy. Many are. The four listed consistently receive the highest ratings by independent analysts of non-profit entities. They also provide pathways to medical services, educational needs, general information, available employment opportunities, housing needs, special family needs, counseling & therapeutic support, along with a plethora of additonal support & services.

– Operation Home Front

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors / TAPS
Hope for the Warriors
– Operation Support Our
* Authors note: Thank you all who are helping the bravest of our nation.

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