Will the election be delayed? Presidential elections & a 100 year storm?

                   Update – Oct 31st 2012…Serious doubts are surfacing for the ability for the general election to proceed next Tuesday. Transportation, election difficulties …lack of proper voting machines and locations… . Election may be delayed one week or extended deadlines in effected states. Unprecedented.Constitutional crisis may be looming  

                  Original -Oct 26th,2012 Oct Eastern part of the United States is just days a way from a potential weather calamity. Forecasters are shaking their heads in agreement that this storm is uniquely dangerous…and has the capacity to have a detrimental..and possibly drastic… effect on this years presidential election.

             The storm is already predicted to cost over one billion, and that estimate could turn out to be low. The power outage expected this week could be in the millions and days without power are unknown. The most populated areas  of the United States sit and wait for the approaching storm.

     Can the United States election  be delayed by a weather event? I have no idea what the answer is…but what if millions are without power and unable to cast a vote..what then?  Could we move back the election one week to November 13th. We may want to ask some questions, this would be voter suppression on steriods…by a higher authority? Im asking the readership, should the election  delayed by one week if the United states is rocked by this potential unprecedented storm..leaving millions unable to vote?

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