Go get grandma and her vouchers…we need to shop her around….


                        When Romney repented for tax sins with the far right king makers …and gave them what they wanted…Paul ” let’s shop mama” Ryan as his vice-president…the dynamics of this fall contest changed forever. Ryan’s medicare privatization fantasy…let our seniors shop till they “drop” literally…is a complete non-starter.  It’s not just our seniors that are unnerved, anybody 40 years old or is looking at a dramatic change if Ryan gets his scheme enacted. Health care is not a “policy wonk” toy ….we’ve paid in a lifetime of work for medical security…please stop messing with the American people.

      Do you want to make some real progress in advancing medicare and keeping it solvent? Does everybody realize that when a taxpayer earns $ 106,000 for the year…they stop contributing to medicare and social security? This is an unjust tax policy  that needs to change. There is no reason to keep that cap so low..we let our millionaire earners pay no medicare or social security tax after 106,000? Really. Why?How about making senior citizens who have net worth of a million dollars or more pay a higher deductible for medicare? How about some tax fairness so all American will have equal access to health care …isn’t this just plain common sense and decency?

    Because of the extreme nature of the GOP ticket in 2012…Democrats may make some surprising gains in Congress. Maybe something good will come out of something really bad. American seniors have been disrespected…and everybody has a stake in this matter. Tell Grandma to vote…and grab the neighbors!  Let’s make Paul Ryan and his friends  grab their vouchers and  shop around for their “safe” house seats.

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