Gingrich will win in South Carolina..Keep your pants on!

Published Jan 13th 2012 ; I think the voting public is upset. Mitt Romney doesnt really seem like a candidate on fire. I dont think the Repbublicans are satisfied, and I dont think he is going to win in South Carolina. If the trends hold on, and the timing seems favorable,Newt’s going to pull off a surprise in South Carolina.Even with this 11th hour “bomb” that Newt wanted an open marriage…its unlikely to derail him .In fact , the timing being so close to the election, I dont think one supporter will care about his already know maritial hijinks, and he may even garner a few pity points with the fence sitters.

        If that happens, Florida becomes a much closer contest. . This primary season can wear  on and on. Ron Paulmay end up being a king maker becuase he is going to control the swing delegates at the convention. He is more likely to help Gingrich.

     If  Newt wins in South Carloina, he will also move into the “electabilty” lead in the polls.In this case indeed Gingrich may give Obama a harder time then Romney. Newt’s kind of a pisser-he grows on you.
He also seems like he just might consider genuinely negotiating with the other side..maybe get something done.I think he is stronger with conservatives, and reasonably liked by Paul backers and Independents.

   With a 3rd party launch waiting in the wings (Americans Elect 2012) this is quite the election year. Lot’s at stake and weve never really seen a true 3 way presidential race. Something tells me there’s lots in store for us in 2012. Hold on tight. Seems Newt may enjoy a threeway on his quest for  the white house!!

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