Gen. Powell endorses Obama…Romney endorses what his owners allow…


                   What a contrast. President Obama receives a very powerful endorsement from Gen. Colin Powell . Powell highlighted Obama’s solid record protecting America from terrorism , his ending two wars while not getting us involved in any new wars….and steadying an economy that he inherited  in 2008 that was at a disastrous stage.

            What’s going on in the Romney campaign? They’ve sent Paul Ryan to Siberia ( Arkansas and Alabama) ….protecting the right-wing billionaires investment for 2016. Romney’s legacy choice is toxic about now, he won’t be speaking to any waitress mom’s in Ohio anytime soon. Romney continues to support extremists on abortion..he has no choice because he is not his own man.His true position is at odds with the position he is forced to take. This alone disqualifies Romney from the qualities needed from a president. … never mind his refusal to castigated John Sununu’s racist remarks about our president..he couldn’t… those remarks reflect the ownership of 2012 GOP.

   The Republicans fevered attempt to deny voting rights to as many as possible..a favored position of Romney’s proving to be futile effort…,in fact… it’s   backfiring on these evil-doers. Early voting turnout in many states is at a record pace…benefiting democracy and president Obama. Most key states have set aside previous laws tightening voter regulations. Moderate American’s think voting should be easy..and tilting the system against the elderly and poor…  does not sit well with the regular voters. Interesting to note the Republican corpocracy freely encourages owners of large companies to strongly suggest voting Replicanican to their employees  .if you like your job and benefits …they’re so subtle. 

     Romney sold out to the right-wing punishment… for Romney undercutting the Republican chances in 2012 due to his tax irregularities. His flip-flopping policies are proof positive that Romney is not in charge of his own candidacy. Strategies…,like not discussing details of his 5 trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy Americans..,is because  Romney has no say…he’s just going with the flow. He owes the Koch’s …. they could have stopped Romney’s nomination cold over the tax issue..they used it as leverage to get what they wanted.

    When all is said and done, one thing will be clear when Obama wins re-election. Right-wing buffoonery was the best thing that could have happened to boost Obama to a second term. When Gen Obama took to CBS today with an impassioned endorsement …he strongly questioned Romney’s flip-flopping positions that defy logic…he seemed to endorse the notion  that the real  Mitt Romney was not allowed to present himself to the electorate in 2012.

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