Gall-Mart can try to stop the union- BUT…They can’t stop the American people….


                     Enough is enough.! Wal-mart posted a profit of 16 BILLION dollars last year. 50 million Americans live below the poverty level, with another 50 million Americans barely maintaining….living  just slightly  above the poverty level. With the job market so weak…1.4 million people alone are employed by Gall-mart ..they have  taken full advantage of the situation … consistently short-changing   the American worker …paying wages befitting a 3rd world country. The minimum wage in Canada is $11.00 an hour..Australia $16.00…England in $15.00…in the “greatest ? ” country in the world we have a national minimum wage of $7.25.! Let’s put an end to backdoor corporate welfare.America is  no longer the beacon of the world…we have become a nation of  predatory corporate dominance and individual despair. The majority of Americans  can’t afford to raise a family…and were prohibited to improve our situation by union busting courts and politicians. If things continue to spiral out of control..all the gated communities in the world  won’t have enough bricks  to protect those that take advantage of their fellow Americans.

                The rich and privileged  can lament about the 47 million people that need food stamps to feed their family. If the United States had a livable minimum wage ..tens of millions of working Americans wouldn’t need food stamps to keep their children feed. Can you imagine making $8.00 an hour your first year at Wal-mart. Do everything well…get a perfect review from your supervisor…and got a whole .40 cent  raise a year. Spend 5 years with Wal-mart …be a loyal, quality employee…and the will give you $10.00 an hour! By the way…the average wage for a general manager at Wal-mart?….$130,000 to 160.000 a year. They receive additional compensation when they bring their store payrolls in under  budget…they are rewarded for NOT giving employees pay raises. Wal-mart is not alone…This blogger has been a GM for a billion dollar company…my yearly bonus was in part based on how much I could underpay my employees.

       Wal-mart is now opening on Thanksgiving..screw the workers and their families…because they can . When black Friday rolls around later this  week….Please pass up the “bargain” brought to you by  Wal-mart in conjunction with their slave labor partners in China and elsewhere. Let all fair-minded Americans take control of the situation…the unions are powerless..and right to work states are powerful. …but you know what?…..NOTHING is  more powerful than the American people…let’s tell Gall-mart we’ve had enough. If their sales start to slip….how long do you think it will be before “they review” their compensation plan? NOT LONG AT ALL..MONEY TALKS…THAT’S THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE CORPORATE WHOREMONGERS UNDERSTAND….LET’S  SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR!!

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  2. While in no way am I defending the deplorable actions of the WalMart greed mongers, it should be noted that there are other big companies that are just as bad. I hate to burst the bubble of many progressives out there but Whole Foods Market is just as bad as WalMart. It is totally anti union. In fact they are union busters. When I worked there I along with other employees were forced to sit through an anti union “training” meeting on the clock. In that meeting, we were told out and out lies about unions. It didn’t occur to them that some of us were college graduates who had taken basic history classes. In my case, a US Labor History class. I sat through it and didn’t say a word. Because had I done so, I would have been laid off within a week. I know it.
    It wasn’t always like this. Whole Foods Market used to hire people who wanted a career. They wanted people to be there full time. They wanted a commitment. Now they hire part time, ten dollar an hour employees to run their stores. Its genius. They don’t have to pay benefits that way. Nor do they have to worry about overtime. The best part is that when they lay them off at their financial convenience, they don’t have to pay unemployment either.
    People need to open their eyes and see that this is not just a WalMart practice. Big companies all across the country operate this way. We need to stop it.
    And I no longer work for Whole Foods Market. I won’t even shop there. Hypocrites.

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